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Top 10 free games for Nokia Lumia 900

Published by Jon Mundy September 04, 2012

Top 10 free games for Nokia Lumia 900

Published by Jon Mundy September 04, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 900 is a premium smartphone that’s capable of playing the best games the Windows Phone Marketplace has to offer with ease, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the huge number of top free games on offer.

Top 10 Nokia Lumia 900 games

If you’re looking for some cheap kicks from your Nokia Lumia 900, look no further. Download these 10 titles and you’ll find hours of fun at no cost.

There’s a good mix of simple independent titles and full blown Xbox Live experiences, complete with Achievements and fancy graphics. If you’ve got any other Windows Phone freebies you like to play on your Lumia 900, let us know in the comments.


Fresh from ripping it up on Symbian, Dalton is here to wow Windows Phone users in like manner. This is a running game, where you need to dodge the hoards of undead. You can do this on foot or with power-ups, such as the gun, the skateboard and the ‘GROW ME!’ icons you find along your way. Try and beat you last best score and make it onto the leader-board, it’s harder than you think!


Snowball Assault

An intriguing mixture of Angry Birds and Fragger, Snowball Assault has the fresh touches and decent presentation to stand on its own two flippers. You play an angry walrus who must take out a bunch of aggressive penguins with your supply of snowballs. The key difference from the aforementioned games: the penguins can fight back. Top fun.

DOWNLOAD: Snowball Assault


An oldie but a goodie, Flowerz was the first game we downloaded and installed on our Nokia Lumia 900. It’s a simple premise, match three flowers of the same colour and they disappear. It sounds easy but with an ever changing game board it’s a lot trickier than you’d imagine!  


Gun Bros

Gun Bros is a big bad brute of a game with awesome 3D graphics and plenty of pumped up gunplay. Play a genetically enhanced super-warrior out to defeat aliens at every turn, with slick twin-stick controls and plenty of explosive action.



Another Xbox Live game for the list, Breeze is an addictive yet incredibly simple experience. Guide your floating flower around each mazy level either by tilting your phone or touching to ‘blow’ it in the required direction. It’s a bit like those ball mazes you used to get in cereal packets, only far more intricate and fun. That you can also unlock achievements only adds to the charm.


Paradox Exit

The latest game from Windows Phone indie game ace Elbert Perez (who also features elsewhere on this list) is arguably his most involving, most polished and downright best yet. Paradox Exit is an old school explore-em-up that sees you traveling through vast alien caverns, mining resources and searching for the exit. This is one massive game, with a laid back pace and a compelling upgrade system. 

DOWNLOAD: Paradox Exit

Brutal Chase

We missed this one when is was released back in June but we’ve been making up for it ever since as Brutal Chase lives precisely up to its name. This adrenaline based game needs you to be in brutal mode if you’re to succeed. Crush the competing cars to get ahead of the pack, earn money and upgrade your mean machine!

DOWNLOAD: Brutal Chase


Wordament is a unique kind of word game – a word tournament – where you are competing with the whole internet to be the best word searcher in every game. Every player is competing on the same board, in real-time, to get the highest score. This is a great addition to the Xbox Live line of games and the fact it’s also free makes it a winner in our Nokia Lumia 900 budget bustin’ roundup!

DOWNLOAD: Wordament

Armored Drive

The second game on this list from Elbert Perez couldn’t be any more different from Paradox Exit. The only similarities are an impeccably well realised gameplay and an irresistible upgrade path. Guide your armoured through heavy traffic and other, more outlandish obstacles. You’ll die pretty quickly at the start, but the more you play the more money you get and the more upgrades you can afford. Compelling stuff.

DOWNLOAD: Armored Drive


For anyone that thinks penguins can’t fly, we challenge you to try Penguin on your Lumia 900. While the simple graphics may not blow you away, the great gameplay and fun controls are sure to grab your attention, as you battle to help your penguin fly further and faster than ever before. With fish to eat along the way and ever-greater jumps to be made, this basic but brilliant game should be an immediate download on your Lumia 900.


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