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10 things we love about the Nokia Lumia 820

Published by Mike Browne October 19, 2012

10 things we love about the Nokia Lumia 820

Published by Mike Browne October 19, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 820 seems to have been over-shadowed by the larger and more feature-rich Nokia Lumia 920 but that’s not to say the Windows Phone 8 smartphone doesn’t make a serious impact of its own. Here we look at the 10 things users will love about the Nokia Lumia 820.

The Nokia Lumia 820 is a 4.3-inch smartphone set to run Windows Phone 8 and come in a host of colours courtesy of its interchangeable shells. Here we look at what makes this mainstream smartphone truly tick.

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Nokia Lumia 820: Design

Yes, the Nokia Lumia 920 is grabbing the headlines but the Nokia Lumia 820 also has to be seen as a unique smartphone in a sea of black boxes. It builds on the now classic Nokia Lumia look of the 800 and 900 and brings it bang up to date. We love the style and shape or the Lumia 820 and with the range of colours that Nokia is making available, there is bound to be one to suit you.

Nokia Lumia 820: Screen size

Taking its lead from the Nokia Lumia 900, the Nokia Lumia 820 comes with a 4.3-inch AMOLED display, which is a great meeting point between some of the larger screens out there and the more compact smartphones, such as the Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia 808. 4.3-inch is quickly becoming the mainstream favourite as it makes video, websites and simple updating Facebook a breeze.

The Nokia Lumia 820 screen has a standard 480 x 800-pixel resolution but with the use of Nokia’s latest ClearBlack technology you’ll find that it can be used in brighter conditions, both indoors and out, far more effectively than other smartphones on the market.

Nokia Lumia 820: Super-Sensitive touchscreen

While we’re talking about the Nokia Lumia 820 display, it’s worth bringing up the point that you can use the screen not only with your finger tip but also when wearing gloves, with the tip of a pen or with a fingernail. Along with the Nokia Lumia 920 it’s the first smartphone in the world to use Synaptics ClearPad capacitive touchscreen sensing technology, or Synaptics ClearPad Series 3 to give it its proper name.

Nokia Lumia 820: Shells

Colour is increasingly proving popular with smartphones and one of the big selling points of the Nokia Lumia 820 is the ability to switch colours courtesy of the interchangeable shells. Made from PC/ABS, which is a polycarbonate material renowned for being tough and rigid but flexible enough that it can be moulded to fit snuggly to the finest of details, you’ll find each one fits like a glove to the Lumia’s frame.

The initial Nokia Lumia 820 shells will come in a range of colours, from the high gloss red, yellow, cyan, purple, and white to the matte finish or the grey and black. There will also be green and orange shells, especially for the ruggedised versions, so you’ll be able to use the Nokia Lumia 820 in some pretty extreme conditions.

Nokia Lumia 820: wireless charging

What’s more, the Nokia Lumia 820 shells have been designed to offer more than a flash of colour, as you’ll find one offers wireless charging, as well as the ruggesdised one mentioned above. While the Nokia Lumia 920 comes with the technology built-in, you can add it to your Lumia 820 courtesy of the shell. All you need do then is add a charging plate and you’ll never need to plug your smartphone in to charge ever again.

Nokia Lumia 820: LTE 4G

One of the next big advances in mobile technology is LTE, or 4G as its increasingly known, which allows for mobile internet speeds as fast, if not faster, than your home connection. The Nokia Lumia 820, as well as the Nokia Lumia 920, come with it built-in so you’ll see it being offered by companies such as EE here in the UK.

Nokia Lumia 820: Storage

The Nokia Lumia 820 is the first Nokia Windows Phone device to come with a microSD slot. So while it comes with 8GB of internal memory, you’ll be able to add up to 32GB of additional storage. Don’t forget you also get 7GB of cloud storage courtesy of SkyDrive.

Nokia Lumia 820: Battery life

The Nokia Lumia 820 comes with a 1650 mAh battery inside, which it’s claimed will deliver up to 330 hours of standby time when you’re not using the phone, as well as up to 14 hours of use when you’re out and about. To put this into perspective, the iPhone and its 1440 mAh battery can only offer 225 hours of standby, so isn’t quite as reliable as the Nokia Lumia 820.

Nokia Lumia 820: Gaming prowess

We’ve been amazed at how good our Nokia Lumia 900 is at gaming, the combination of the 4.3-inch screen and Adreno 205 GPU make for a great gaming experience. With the Nokia Lumia 820 we’ll have the same screen size, as well as the upgraded Adreno 255 GPU, so gaming will only get better 

What’s more, it’s looking like the Window Phone 8 is already gathering interest from games developers who will be able to cross-platform code far more effectively with the new OS. So, while no games for Windows Phone 8 have been announced, we know it’s something that is being worked on hard!

Nokia Lumia 820: Windows Phone 8

We’re still waiting for Microsoft to bring to life the full details of what Windows Phone 8 will deliver. However, we know it will come with a new and improved Start screen as well as implementing a host of new features. What we do know for sure is that the Nokia Lumia 820 will be amongst the first Windows Phone 8 devices to hit the streets!

Right, that’s our top 10 things we’re looking forward to checking out on the Nokia Lumia 820, it’s over to you. Thinking of opting for this greta looking and highly flexible smartphone? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.

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