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Cinemagraph hands-on for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne November 13, 2012

Cinemagraph hands-on for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne November 13, 2012

Cinemagraph is an exclusive app for Windows Phone 8 on the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 that allows you to bring your photos to life in a whole new way. We think it’s a great deal of fun but find out what the fun is with our Cinemagraph review for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone uses what Microsoft call ‘Lens’ to add new features to the camera of all Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Cinemagraph is one such lens and is exclusive to Nokia Lumia, it’s not on the Windows Phone Store but you’ll find it in the Nokia Collection on your handset – HTC and Samsung users won’t be able to download it at all.

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Essentially, Cinemagraph works pretty much in the same way as creating a GIF image, so you can enhance what would otherwise be a static photograph by adding animation. Where Cinemagraph has the edge over a standard GIF file is that it takes and generates a 15 frame-per-second file, which is something a GIF simply can’t do.

What’s more, no matter what you do with a GIF it still always looks like a low-grain file. With Cinemagraph you load the lens and then shoot your shot. When you tap the screen a circular countdown appears and that is the length of time you have to record.

Once you’ve captured your image there are editing tools that allow you to fine tune and make the most of your images. For example, you can define the length of the animated loop. If you want, as we have in the above demo, we’ve even looped the image so the skeleton walks forward and then back again.

When it comes to editing the image there is a fine art to it and the more time you can spend with it the better the results. However, we’ve been impressed with the quality of the images taken on our Nokia Lumia 820 and can’t wait to try it out on the Nokia Lumia 920.

Once you’ve finished your edit and saved the file you can upload your Cinemagraph to SkyDrive. The best way to view Cinemagraph right now is on your Nokia Lumia itself but we’ve had a word with Nokia and they’ve informed us that they’re expecting Facebook and other social media sharing sites to get on board by Christmas at the latest and you’ll be able to share Cinemagraph files a lot easier.

Once this happens, we have no doubt that Cinemagraph will be one of the big apps of 2013, as it’s such a fun and personal way to share your experiences.

Cinemagraph delivers a great experience that we feel will only get better with time.

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