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Nokia launches HERE, delivering maps for Apple iPhone, Android and Firefox OS

Published by Mike Browne November 14, 2012

Nokia launches HERE, delivering maps for Apple iPhone, Android and Firefox OS

Published by Mike Browne November 14, 2012

Nokia is taking its mapping solutions out to the wider world in the form of HERE, offering HERE for iOS for Apple iPhone and iPad users and offering Android developers the chance to make compelling mapping apps for their own platform.

Nokia delivers the best mapping solutions in the world. With its acquisition of NAVTEQ, along with some other key mapping players, it’s been able to deliver some truly exciting solutions that all Nokia Lumia users will particularly be accustomed to, namely Nokia Drive, Nokia Transport, Nokia Maps, Nokia Pulse and Nokia City Lens.

However, that’s just the beginning as Nokia has introduced HERE, which is set to be the world’s first location cloud delivering location platform, location content and location apps across any screen and any operating system. That means the core technologies on your Nokia Lumia will be made available to partners looking to make their mobile mapping offerings on a par with Nokia’s own.

HERE is set to be open for development as it uses the HTML5 standard to allow anyone to make the most of it. The initial launch will be HERE for iOS, which will shortly be appearing in the Apple App Store.

This will be followed in the coming months by the HERE Maps API for Android. Nokia is also set to introduce HERE Maps for Firefox OS and will continue working with Mozilla to deliver the best mapping experience on the OS.


Nokia has also announced the introduction of LiveSight, a technology that is based on a highly accurate, 3D map of the world, which provides the most precise and intuitive augmented reality experience.

Nokia City Lens, developed exclusively for Nokia Lumia devices, is the first application using LiveSight. This new technology is set to address everyday actions like finding a store indoors, finding friends in a crowd or even helping you find your parked car.


Nokia has also announced its planned acquisition of earthmine, a company that offers a complete solution for collecting, processing, managing, and hosting 3D street level imagery.

Founded in 2006, Berkeley based earthmine is indexing reality, according to its company website. Through a set of unique technologies it has made it possible to collect detailed and accurate 3D street level imagery of every street, ally or freeway in any metropolitan area.

Together with a set of hosting and development tools, the solution is a complete way to collect, process and work with the 3D world.

Nokia will be revealing details of the planned acquisition at a later date.

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