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Nokia Lumia 820 hands-on (build and performance)

Published by Mike Browne November 20, 2012

Nokia Lumia 820 hands-on (build and performance)

Published by Mike Browne November 20, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 820 is a 4.3-inch smartphone running Windows Phone 8. It’s been our first experience of Nokia’s new devices and we’ve been thoroughly impressed by how likeable the 820 is. So much so, we thought we’d share a few experiences of the build quality and performance.

We’ve been testing out the Nokia Lumia 820 for the last couple of weeks and have been impressed with how well this mainstream smartphone handles itself. Sure, it may not have all the bells and whistles the Nokia Lumia 920 sports but for those with more everyday needs, we have a sneaky feeling you’ll be impressed with what it has to offer.

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Here we take a look at the build quality and performance of the Nokia Lumia 820 and highlight what makes it a compelling smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 820: Build Quality

The Nokia Lumia 820 feels reassuringly well built in the hand. Sure, when you pick it up for the first time you will notice how heavy it feels, especially if you’re moving from the smaller Nokia Lumia 800, for example. This is largely due to the phone feeling a little top heavy. In truth, 160g isn’t that heavy and after you’ve been using it for a short time you’ll soon forget about it.

That said, the overall weight gives the Nokia Lumia 820 a reassuring sense of quality.

The look of the Nokia Lumia 820 is all about creating a great design. It comes with an interchangeable shell but at first glance you wouldn’t know it, as the bezel around the screen matches up to the body perfectly, giving the impression of a unibody design.

The function buttons on the side of the Nokia Lumia 820 are part of the shell and are of a good size. We’ve found they respond well, connecting with the sensors found on the body of the device itself, so you don’t need to press too hard.

Take off the interchangeable shell and you’ll see how well built and robust the Nokia Lumia 820 is. The innards of the smartphone are wrapped in a metal body that you can’t access. Even the camera housing is self contained and sturdily attached to the body so as to limit potential damage.

We have to admit we really like the industrial design of the Nokia Lumia 820 without the shell on, which as the slot the cover snuggly back on is hidden away by the shell.

Nokia Lumia 820: Performance

The Nokia Lumia 820 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz dual-core processor and is backed by 1GB of RAM. In this respect it shares the same core performance as the Nokia Lumia 920.

Windows Phone 8 doesn’t have the same overheads as some other platforms on the market, so you don’t really need a quad-core processor, as we’ve found the Nokia Lumia 820 to be fast and nimble with the specification it has.

For example, navigating around the Start screen is quick and loading up apps, whether it’s Nokia Drive or IE10, for example, you’ll find are a lot quicker to load and start up.

One area of performance area we’ve found highly impressive is the new Windows Phone 8 keyboard. Not only is it far quicker than the Windows Phone 7 version, it also comes with a far more intuitive predicative messaging. It does this by monitoring and storing the words and phrases you’ve typed most frequently and suggesting them in the taskbar as you type.

Overall, we’re really impressed with the way the Nokia Lumia 820 handles itself. We love how it’s smaller and more compact than the Nokia Lumia 900 while still having the same 4.3-inch screen, with a build quality that you’ll find rival manufacturers hard to match.

Where to buy your Nokia Lumia 820

Thinking of buying the Nokia Lumia 820? What are you looking forward to trying out first? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below.

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