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Top 10 Xbox games for your Nokia Lumia 920

Published by Jon Mundy November 22, 2012

Top 10 Xbox games for your Nokia Lumia 920

Published by Jon Mundy November 22, 2012

Your shiny new Nokia Lumia 920 is a great gaming device, thanks in no small part to its dual-core processor and 4.5-inch HD display.

Of course, that’s not a lot of good without the games to run on it. Thankfully, this being a Windows Phone 8 device, it has access to a bunch of top notch Xbox games. All of the following come with achievements and Gamerscore points that go towards your Xbox Live account.

More importantly than that, they’re all really good fun to play on that sharper, larger screen.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Bring together the hottest mobile gaming franchise of recent years and the hottest film franchise of the past few decades and what do you get? One of the best games available for any smartphone device. Angry Birds Star Wars brings the familiar bird-catapulting gameplay of Rovio’s series and adds a familiar cast of characters with their associated abilities. It’s a match made in heaven, and its advanced physics and HD graphics sit beautifully on the Nokia Lumia 920, too.

Sonic 4 Episode 1

Sega finally returned with a true follow-up to the great 2D Sonic games of the past in Sonic 4 Episode 1. It captures all the elements you know and love about the blue hedgehog – immense speed, roller coaster-like levels, vibrant world design and loads of golden rings to pick up (and lose). All this, but for the first time it’s been developed with mobile play in mind. It’s a technically accomplished game that finally gets some headroom with the advanced Nokia Lumia 920 hardware.

Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope sits right atop the casual smartphone game tree alongside Angry Birds in terms of widespread appeal and pure polish. You must feed Om Nom – an adorable yet ravenous creature – by dropping chunks of candy into his mouth. This is achieved by the strategic slicing of the ropes that hold the candy suspended in the air. It’s a physics puzzler, then, but with the super-sweet sugar coating and loads of levels.


ilomilo was a true graphical showcase when Windows Phone 7 hardware arrived on the scene, and it’s still a great game to show off your Nokia Lumia 920. Its rich 3D world scales beautifully to the more powerful hardware – and particularly to that larger, crisper 4.5-inch screen. The game’s not half bad either, as you work to reunite ilo and milo across a bunch of disorientating levels. Concepts such as Up and Down down really exist in this puzzling world.

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Geodefense Swarm

Everyone loves a good tower defence game, and Geodefense Swarm gets our vote as the best example of the genre on Windows Phone. It’s all about dragging and dropping defensive gun turrets into the field of play in order to fend off waves of baddies. It’s all set in a stunning neon-drenched vectorised world, which looks all the more impressive on the Nokia Lumia 920’s screen. If you’re after a meaty strategic challenge on your new Windows Phone 8 device, look no further.

Cracking Sands

Developer Polarbit has established something of a reputation for making brilliant arcade racers for mobile devices, and Cracking Sands is no exception. Taking its cues from the legendary Mario Kart console series, it provides you with a host of colourful characters, over the top power-ups and fantastical track design.

Angry Birds Space 

Do we really need two Angry Birds titles on this list? We do when both games are as brilliant as they are. Angry Birds Space takes the original AB formula and adds an inspired gravity-based twist. Now have to take into account the gravitational pull of a bunch of tiny planetoids as you attempt to squish those pigs. It makes for a far more sophisticated and involving experience. Together with Angry Birds Star Wars you have the best that the Angry Birds series has to offer here on your Nokia Lumia 920. Add the exclusive Angry Birds Roost app and you have the ultimate Angry Birds platform.

Final Fantasy

Xbox gaming on your Nokia Lumia 920 isn’t just about sprawling new games with impressive graphics. It’s also a great place to experience some golden oldies, such as Square Enix’s seminal Final Fantasy. It’s an old school RPG with timeless adventuring and turn-based battling mechanics. The original graphics have been souped up a little, but it’s really all about the tens of hours of adventuring that this classic game can provide.

Chickens Can’t Fly

Chickens Can’t Fly is another casual gem of a game, and it’s exclusive to Windows Phone devices. Guide your kamikaze chicken left and right by tilting your Nokia Lumia 920, thus avoiding the fiendish death traps that have been set out to stop you. Where this game really excels is in the way it constantly plays with the rules of the game, throwing in surprising and frequently hilarious variations on a very simple theme.

Max & The Magic Marker

This innovative 2D platformer introduces an intriguing drawing mechanic that feels perfectly at home on the Nokia Lumia 920’s large touchscreen. As you guide Max through each level, you must use your creativity to sketch in level elements to help him circumvent obstacles and solve puzzles. 

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