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Weather Channel app hands-on for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne December 07, 2012

Weather Channel app hands-on for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne December 07, 2012

The Weather Channel app has been updated for Windows Phone, so you can check the forecast and weather outlook on your Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820. Find out more with our The Weather Channel app for Windows Phone 8 hands-on.

The Weather Channel found itself completely overhauled and re-designed for Windows Phone earlier this year and handed over exclusively to Nokia Lumia smartphones. This latest version is a pretty faithful port over to Windows Phone 8.

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The first thing you’ll notice about the Weather Channel app when you load it up on your Nokia Lumia 920 or Nokia Lumia 820 is how much quicker it is. The app still has the same look and feel, it’s just a lot slicker in the execution.

As with the previous version, the Weather Channel app makes the most of the Metro UI, so simply swiping left and right moves you into other sections of the app. When you first load the app you’ll need to give permission to use location tools to give you the most accurate readings for your current location.

You can also decide whether you want measurements to be delivered in Imperial or Metric. If you want to change these at any time you can do so in the Settings options.

The main page of The Weather Channel app covers all your basic weather needs. You’ll find the weather for the location you’re in as well as a three day forecast. If you’d like to see a more detailed breakdown for the weather forecast there is a Forecast Details option at the foot of the page.

The weather now gives you the temperature, as well as the weather conditions, such as ‘light rain’. There is also a ‘feels like’ weather rating that takes into account the wind chill factor. For example, while testing the weather was 5C but ‘feels like’ 1C.

The Weather Channel app integrates a range of social media options. So you’ll also find a link to allow you to share the weather with others, or even just take a photo of your current location and add weather stats to it!

It’s this social aspect of The Weather Channel that is the main difference between this app and other weather apps out there. Swipe left and you’ll come to the Radar Map view, which acts as a mini-map of where you are and the weather in the surrounding areas.

Of more interest is the Augmented Reality view, tap into this view and the camera on your Nokia Lumia will kick into life and photos taken and uploaded by other users pointing in that direction will pop up. We have to admit, this feature seems a little sketchy at the moment as there aren’t too many photos in the service but it could well become a nice social hub for sharing and discovering new places.

The next page is Amazing Weather Moments which is another chance for social media fans to share and show off images of weather. One aspect of the new app we really like is My Friend’s Weather, which allows you to connect with five Facebook friends and have the weather in their location pop up. It’s a great way of finding out what it’s like there if you’re about to visit and what’s more you can even contact them from with The Weather Channel app so you don’t need to come out.

There is so much in The Weather Channel to explore and customise that you really need to spend some time with it to get it working the way you want it to but it’s all worthwhile as this is a very user-friendly and friend-centric app.

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The Weather Channel app for Windows Phone 8 looks and acts in the same way as on previous Windows Phone 7.5 devices but we don’t find that a problem. It works well, is now noticeably faster and now that the weather has hit that ‘unpredictable’ time of year this is one app you definitely need on your Nokia Lumia 920 or Nokia Lumia 820.

You can’t download the Weather Channel app from the Windows Phone Store. Instead, you’ll find it in the Nokia Collection on your handset.

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