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Top 50 Xbox Live games for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Published by Mike Browne December 19, 2012

Top 50 Xbox Live games for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Published by Mike Browne December 19, 2012

Nokia Lumia is the home of great games for Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 and the best of those are undoubtably on Xbox Live. Whether it’s the big screen of the Nokia Lumia 920, the fun of the Nokia Lumia 820, or budget gaming on the Nokia Lumia 900 and 800 there are games for everyone. Here we look at the top 50 Xbox Live games for Windows Phone. 

When it comes to the most intense and playable games on Windows Phone there is nothing like getting your hands on the latest Xbox live release. Over the last few months the platform has truly hit its stride with some amazing titles.

We recently checked out the top 25 Xbox Live games for Windows Phone. Well, there have been so many games coming out of late that we’ve taken the opportunity to revisit the theme and add another top 25 Xbox Live reviews.

Check the top 25 Xbox Live games for Windows Phone  

Mirror’s Edge Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia owners have exclusive Windows Phone access to the EA game Mirror’s Edge on Xbox Live and is perfect whether you own a Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 710, or even the entry-level Nokia Lumia 610In Mirror’s Edge on Xbox Live you play Faith, a runner in a dystopian future who needs to deliver messages by hand, at the same time avoiding government surveillance, putting life and limb on the line for freedom.

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AlphaJAX Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

AlphaJax is a free word game that has hit the Windows Phone 8, making it perfect for your Nokia Lumia 920 or Nokia Lumia 820, come the New Year Nokia Lumia 620 owners will be able to play it too. It’s an Xbox game and is available for download now.

AlphaJax looks and acts a bit like Scrabble, as you need to create words from a random assortment of letters and ten place them on the board when it’s your turn. Words are worth points and whoever has the most points at the end is the winner.

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Turn N Run Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Turn N Run is an all new puzzler made exclusively for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone device with a unique gameplay mechanic. So what’s the twist?

The twist is in the levels themselves – quite literally. Playing the part of a crash-landed alien, you must hunt down gem-like engine core components by rotating each block-based stage through 360 degrees.


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Sonic CD Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Sega’s Sonic CD is one of the strongest games from Sonic’s early-nineties heyday, so we’re thrilled to see it available on the Windows Phone Store for our Nokia Lumia phones. But how has it translated to the small screen?

Sonic CD has a strange history, in that while it’s widely regarded as one of the best of the classic Sonic games, it wasn’t really played by many people back in the day. That’s because it was launched on the ill-fated Sega Mega CD add-on for the Mega Drive, which no one bought.

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Game of Life Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

EA and Nokia have teamed up to bring Game of Life to Xbox Live for Windows Phone 8 but you won’t find it in the Windows Phone Store just in the Nokia Collection of your Nokia Lumia 920 or Nokia Lumia 820. Find out how good it is with our Game of Life review for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8.

The Game of Life is the latest exclusive Nokia Lumia game to hit Windows Phone 8. A pretty faithful conversion of the classic board game, it allows you to test your money making skills. You can choose to play against up to three of your friends, by passing your Nokia Lumia around (there is no WiFi sharing), or against up to three AI controlled players.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Angry Birds Star Wars brings together the now standard fair of Angry Birds, the new gravity simulation of Angry Birds Space and a high roller-coaster of a franchise that is Star Wars. Does the some of the parts make for a satisfactory whole? Find out with our Angry Birds Star Wars review for Windows Phone 8 on our Nokia Lumia 820.

There is a genuine feeling from the get-go that the developers have worked to create a satisfying whole to Angry Birds Star Wars. So, rather than pulling together a bunch of Star Wars inspired levels, what we get is a pretty decent run through of the original Star Wars: A New Hope, starting out on Tattoine before blasting off into space and the final encounter with the Death Star.

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Cut the Rope Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

With the arrival of Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars Edition for the Nokia Lumia 920 it would be easy to forget there are plenty of Windows Phone 7.5 devices out there. Fortunately, those owning a Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia Lumia 710 will like the news that Cut the Rope for Windows Phone 7.5 has now launched.

It seems there have been over 250 million downloads around the world of the puzzle game Cut the Rope and now you can enjoy playing over 300 levels of this highly addictive and fun game on your Nokia Lumia, as the game has just been released for Windows Phone 7.5 devices. 

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Angry Birds Space Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Angry Birds Space takes everything we know and love about the original Angry Birds, throws it in a blender, shoots it off into space and hopes we tag along for the ride. What this boils down to is still the same basic game of firing birds at an array of protected piggies but with the addition of gravity simulation.

While the basics of the game, pigs placed amongst oddly built constructions of wood, metal and ice that you have to destroy using your catapult that fires a variety of live birds, is still the same, the addition of the new environment does bring a new skill set to the game.

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Carcassonne Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Carcassonne is the award winning board game brought to life on Windows Phone. It’s a turn based game that truly comes to life on the larger screen of the Nokia Lumia 900 but looks just as good on the Nokia Lumia 800. Check it out with our Carcassonne game review for Xbox Live.

The idea of the game is that you take turns to but up the landscape of a principality by placing tiles onto a board. Each tile comes with roads, cities, fields, and cloisters and each one is potentially worth points. There are 72 tiles to play through and once you’ve laid down them down you get to add followers, in the form of knights, monks, thieves and farmers. Once all the pieces have been played out the points

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Connect 4 game Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Connect 4 from EA games has been added to the list of exclusive games for the Nokia Lumia, allowing you to relive those wet Sunday afternoons of playing the board game with your parents. We’ve downloaded it on our Nokia Lumia 800 for a blast from the passed.

We have to admit that visually EA has done a pretty good job of bringing Connect 4 to life on Windows Phone. Each game starts with the box opening and the board being set up. Sadly, this should happen once a session, not at the start of every game – it’s a bit like your dad putting it back in the box after every round and taking it out again to help build up the suspense/excitement but in truth simply slows the game down.

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Risk game Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Risk from EA games has been added to the Nokia Lumia roster of exclusive games for Xbox Live. This strategy game of world domination is pretty faithful to the original game, making for a pleasing addition to the Xbox Live games list.

Confession time, every time we think about Risk we remember nights fuelled by Vodka and bad military decisions. We’re not saying that’s how we intend to play this version of Risk on our Nokia Lumia 800 but it was how we played many a game of the original board version.

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Cracking Sands Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Cracking Sands is a racing game launched on Xbox Live for Windows Phone, making it perfect for your Nokia Lumia 800 or large screen Nokia Lumia 900. Here we put it through its paces with our Cracking Sands review.

Cracking Sands for Xbox Live has been published by Microsoft and put together by Swedish developer Polarbit. There are no shortages of racing games on Windows Phone and they tend to fall into two camps, a bit like ‘Need for Speed’ for ‘Mario Karts’ and with Cracking Sands we’re clearly in the latter category.

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Babel Rising 3D Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Babel Rising 3D is the latest Windows Phone game for Xbox Live and we’ve downloaded it on our Nokia Lumia 800 to see how well this God game with a difference plays out. Check out our Babel Rising 3D review for Xbox Live on Nokia Lumia to find out more.  

The introduction for Babel Rising 3D on Xbox Live gives you everything you need to know about this game, ‘Step into the sacred sandals of a great, almighty, and very angry deity. Hurl bolts of holy lightning, summon punishing earthquakes, and unleash vengeful floods upon the foolish and irreverent Humans  to prevent them from building the tower of Babel.’

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Jet Car Stunts WP Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Thanks to its gorgeous screen, powerful speakers and great usability, the Nokia Lumia 800 is perfect for the best in smartphone gaming. We’ve been trying out the best games you can play on the new Nokia Windows Phone and today we’ve been hitting the race-track with Jet Car Stunts WP.

With its beautiful 3D graphics, fantastic controls and challenging levels, Jet Car Stunts WP is a perfect racer on the Lumia 800. You can get into the game in a matter of seconds, but the steep, yet satisfying, learning curve will have you glued to your screen for days as you try to master the tough race courses.

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Burn The Rope Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia 800 Burn The Rope game reviewThanks to its great Xbox LIVE app, the Nokia Lumia 800 is the perfect smartphone for mobile gaming. We’ve been testing out the latest and greatest games and apps that you can try on the new Nokia Windows Phone and today we’ve been testing our nerves and reflexes with the super-addictive Burn The Rope.

As with all the best smartphone games, Burn The Rope is easy to pick up and incredibly difficult to put down. The aim of the game is simple; you set fire to a rope and then you use the Nokia Lumia 800’s built-in accelerometer to twist and turn the phone, to guide the flame along the rope until it is burnt away.

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BulletAsylum gameXbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

There are a couple of 3D games on the marketplace that really allow the Nokia Lumia 800 to stretch its legs and show what it’s capable of. BulletAsylum is arguably the first 2D game to do so. But is it any good?

The premise is real old school stuff – you’re tasked with defending your static colony from successive and ever-intensifying waves of enemy attacks. Think Missile Command. Think Space Invaders. BulletAsylum evokes any number of classic arcade shoot ‘em ups.

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Implode! Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Contrary to what Angry Birds would have you believe, there are easier ways to demolish a building than pinging a bunch of irate squawkers at it. As Implode! goes to show, blowing it to smithereens can be twice as effective and almost as fun. Read on to find out how in our Implode! review for Nokia Lumia 800.

Just like Angry Birds, Implode! tasks you with destroying a bunch of free-standing structures through the application of some rudimentary physics. In other words, they’re both about smashing stuff up.

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Fragger Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Fire in the hole! Fragger takes a little Angry Birds, mixes it in with a bit of Worms and throws in a grenade-tossing protagonist. It’s not big, it’s not particularly clever, but it is yet another solidly enjoyable casual Windows Phone game. It’s also a fine way to start off your Nokia Lumia 710 app collection.

So, with that intro in mind, is Fragger the next Angry Birds? Not quite, but the premise isn’t entirely dissimilar. The goal is to take out a bunch of targets (army dummies rather than pigs) by judging the trajectory and power of a static projectile launcher.

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Pac-Man Kart Rally Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

One thing the Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 needs is a decent kart racer game, so here’s Pac-Man Kart Rally to interview for the role. How does it perform? Read our Pac-Man Kart Rally review to find out.

Ever since Nintendo first put a certain fat plumber behind the wheel of a go-kart in the early nineties, game makers have looked to marry their signature characters with this bright and breezy racing game sub-genre.

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Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Ranking alongside Angry Birds and Tetris as one of the best pick-up-and-play games of all time, Plants vs. Zombies – or PvZ  – is a must buy for the Nokia Lumia 800. Bringing its unique brand of addictive gameplay to the Nokia Windows Phone, we’ve been battling the undead to see how this all-time classic looks and plays on the new Nokia handset.

If you’ve never played Plants vs. Zombies before, the game has you battling hordes of the undead to protect your suburban home from the brain-munching masses. And with 49 hardy plant varieties at your disposal and swathes of zombies to plough through, the battle is always far from easy, but never anything less than totally addictive.

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Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne) Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne) throws together three solid arcade blasters in one generous package,  making it the place to come if you want to overdose on mindless old skool action on your Nokia Lumia 800. Find out what it’s all about with our Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne) review on the Nokia Lumia 800.

We say mindless, but Z0MB1ES has been put together with a degree of thoughtfulness and consideration that other Windows Phone game developers should pay heed to. It rolls together three separate shooters (well, maybe two and a half) including two versions of an Xbox darling and its spiritual sequel.

 Read the full Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne) review


Parachute Panic Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Parachute Panic game review for Nokia Lumia 800Parachute Panic on the Nokia Lumia 800 is as simple and addictive as smartphone gaming gets. With its charming hand drawn graphics, easy to pick-up gameplay and near perfect difficulty level, it makes a great way to stay amused on your Windows Phone.

Harking back to the glory days of Snake, Parachute Panic on the Nokia Lumia 800 is deceptively simple in its presentation. With its child-like graphics and basic tap/swipe gameplay it’s easy to be fooled into thinking this will be an easy game, but once you get started it proves a far more challenging effort.

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Tetris game Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Tetris for Windows Phone on the Nokia Lumia 800No mobile gaming device would be complete without a helping of Tetris’ unique brand of addictive gameplay, so we’ve been trying it out on our Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone. But how well does it work using a touchscreen and is it worth its steep price? We’re here to let you know.

The beauty of Tetris has always been its great simplicity, perfectly balanced difficulty level, easy controls and addictive gameplay. And all of these are pretty much flawlessly carried over to the Windows Phone version, making it a great game to enjoy on the commute with your new Nokia Lumia 800.

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Tiki Towers Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia 800 Tiki Towers game reviewIf you’re looking for fun puzzle action with a twist, then Tiki Towers is the perfect game for your Nokia Lumia 800. With its easy to grasp gameplay, challenging difficulty and great cartoony graphics, it reels you in quickly and then keeps you glued to your smartphone, as you play through its many addictive levels.

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Gravity Guy Xbox Live review on Nokia Lumia

If you’ve got nerves of steel, the reflexes of a cat and need a break from Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Plants vs. Zombies, Gravity Guy might be your new favourite game for the Nokia Lumia 800. Packing great cartoony graphics and putting your reactions to the ultimate test, we’ve been turning the world upside down with this challenging and addictive pick-up-and-play game for Windows Phone.

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Got a favourite Xbox Live on your Nokia Lumia that we’ve not listed here? Let us know what it is in the Comments below and we’ll check it out! 

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