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Top 100 free Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 apps

Published by Mike Browne January 15, 2013

Top 100 free Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 apps

Published by Mike Browne January 15, 2013

top-100-free-apps-nokia-lumiaWhether you own the Nokia Lumia 1520, the Nokia Lumia 1020 or own the budget  Nokia Lumia 520 or large screen Nokia Lumia 1320, there is no better feeling than getting something for free. Here we look at the top 100 free apps for your Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8.

Updated: March 2014

When it comes to free apps, Nokia offers more value than any other Windows Phone device manufacturer. Not only does it offer all the apps you’ll find in the Windows Phone Store you’ll also be able to get your hands on some pretty neat exclusive to Nokia Lumia apps.

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Free apps exclusive to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

These apps you’ll find already pre-installed and if not then all you need to do is check out the Nokia Collection in Marketplace on your Nokia Lumia and you’ll be able to download them straight to your device.

App Social

App SocialThis is a Nokia Lumia exclusive app. App Social (formerly know as App Highlights) is the best way to discover great apps in Windows Phone Store. We’ll let you know when new apps matching your favourite searches become available, and our local editors keep you up to date with a hand-picked selection of the newest and hottest apps in store.
DOWNLOAD: App Social


Transfer my Data

Transfer my DataThis is a Nokia Lumia exclusive app. Transfer my Data is a quick and easy way of copying contacts from almost any phone (Symbian, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and others) to your new Windows Phone using Bluetooth. Some phones may also be capable of transferring text messages and pictures, including many Nokia phones. Transfer my Data copies all your contacts into the Windows Phone People Hub, from where it’s easy to call, mail, chat or follow friends on your favourite social network. On supported phones, contacts can also be exported to and imported from an SD card.
DOWNLOAD: Transfer my Data


Nokia MixRadio

MusicDiscover a world of music and local gigs with Nokia Music. With hours if online listening, choose mixes from the music experts, recommendations based on artists you love, or create your own playlists. Where it differs from other streaming services is that you can download and listen to msuic later offline.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia MixRadio


Nokia Maps

MapsNokia Maps is now the core application used by Windows Phone 8 as part of its Windows Phone Maps, using Nokia’s geocoding, traffic information and calculated routes. However, you will find that Nokia Maps has its own look and feel and a deeper level of user interaction, such as POI, making it the best mapping experience out there.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Maps

Nokia Transit

TransitNokia Transit, previously known as Nokia Transport, combines your local public transport options – bus, train, underground – in one simple app. One tap shows you all the different types of transit lines near you. Currently it works in 550 cities worldwide and is being expanded upon all the time.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Transit


HERE Drive+

NokiaDrive+HERE Drive offers true offline, turn-by-turn voice guided navigation. Just download the map for your country and HERE Drive will get you there without a data connection. The new My Commute feature helps you choose the best route to the places you drive to everyday so arriving late for work will be a thing of the past.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Here Drive+


Nokia JobLens

JobLensIf you’re looking for a new job, or even kick starting your career, JobLens helps you see jobs all around you through augmented reality. It lands those jobs through some of the biggest, most respected brands in career services. Powered by Indeed, Linkedin, Here Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live, (UK only), Payscale (UK only) and other best-in-class content partners, the app enables you to discover new job opportunities in both the physical world and through your social networks.

Nokia RingTone Maker

RingtoneOne of the frustrations with Windows Phone 8 has been the ability to quickly add your own stamp with personalised ringtones. With Ringtone Maker you can create ringtones from the music on your phone. Simply open the app, select your favourite song and save it as a ringtone. You can cut your ringtone anyway you like, with editing controls that let you choose the start, end and length of your ringtone. There’s now support for more music file formats: WMA, M4A, M4R, and AAC along with MP3.
DOWNLOAD: Ringtone Maker


Nokia Video Trimmer

Nokia Video TrimmerNokia Video Trimmer requires the Lumia Amber software update. Shorten videos shot on your Nokia Lumia quickly and easily. Simply drag the slider to the start and end points then use the step controls to adjust the selection to the second. When you’re done, save the video to your phone or upload and share it over WiFi or a mobile data connection, but be sure to check your network operator’s data charges first.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Video Trimmer


Nokia Video Upload

Nokia Video UploadNokia Video Upload helps you to share your videos quickly and easily with your friends, and works for all videos shot on Nokia Lumia phones with Windows Phone 8. Simply select the video in the Photos app and share, or upload after capturing and trimming with the Nokia Video Trimmer through share option. Share your video over WiFi or a mobile data connection, but be sure to check your network operator’s data charges first.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Video Upload


HERE City Lens

HERE City LensHERE City Lens gives you an entirely new way to reveal what’s around you. Simply hold up your Nokia Lumia 1020 as though taking a photo, and the app overlays the best shops, restaurants, and points of interest right on your display. Tap a place icon to call ahead or get more information such as hours, reviews, and directions. You can even save a place for later or share it with friends.



PhotoBeamerPhotoBeamer is a new, innovative way to show your pictures and photos on any screen. Just point your Nokia Lumia at any screen displaying the website and you can enjoy photos anywhere. Think of it as a mobile projector that’s available anytime. It’s so quick and simple to use, there is no login, no registration, simple install the app and point at the screen.
DOWNLOAD: PhotoBeamer


Nokia Refocus

Nokia RefocusNokia Refocus is an amazing new app that takes a burst of five photos using your Nokia Lumia PureView smartphone to deliver an image you can refocus any time you like. It works by taking different images across the full focus range of the photo. It does this by creating a depth map of the image you’re about to capture, then when you snap it takes a series of photos, each one using a different focus stage of the depth map. Once you’ve taken your snap, it’s simply a case of tapping the screen, holding your Nokia Lumia steady and letting the circle that pops up on the screen compete its circuit.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Refocus


Creative Studio

Nokia Creative StudioAn exclusive app for Nokia Lumia smartphones. Creative Studio allows you to make more of your photos taken on the Nokia Lumia 520. Load the app and you can swipe through a series of filters, pick the one you like, tap and it’ll be converted. This latest version also adds a host of editing tools, such as Colour Pop, Collage, Focus Object and tilt shift.
DOWNLOAD: Creative Studio



84f912a4-15f9-435c-b717-2e37a4ed016cAn exclusive app for Nokia Lumia smartphones. Cinemagraph isn’t so much a photo-editing tool but a magical blend of photo and movie-like animations. Take a photo and the helpful on-screen assistance lets you easily select the animated area of your picture to create your very own Cinemagraph. This latest release gives you even more control over your cinemagraphs, with options to edit the length, loop type and speed. Plus, there are also filter effects you can add, like silver, sepia or black and white.
DOWNLOAD: Cinemagraph



Nokia PanoramaAn exclusive app for Nokia Lumia smartphones. Get the biggest picture possible with this easy to use app. Simply take your pictures and the app automatically stitches them into a picture perfect view. When you’re done, share your Panorama directly with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
DOWNLOAD: Panorama


Nokia Camera

Nokia CameraNokia Camera replaces Nokia Pro Cam with no loss in functionality, yet also includes the best features of Nokia Smart Cam. The auto mode makes it easy to capture images with ease, and provides quick access to controls. When you want to create that perfect composition, manual mode offers controls for exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Camera




This is a Nokia Lumia exclusive app. Stay informed with the latest headlines and original stories from around the world. Follow up-to-the-minute reporting with breaking news alerts and live video. What’s great about the CNN app on your Nokia Lumia 520 is that you can join the conversation by sharing today’s news and dig deeper into the stories that matter most to you.



The Weather Channel

This is a Nokia Lumia exclusive app. Get the features you have come to expect from The Weather Channel for Windows Phone including Full screen interactive maps, hourly, 36 hour, and 10 day forecasts. Pin live tiles to your start screen to keep up with all the cities that are important to you. With The Weather Channel for Windows Phone, take the weather with you.
DOWNLOAD: The Weather Channel


TuneIn Radio

TuneIn RadioTuneIn is a new way to listen to the world through live local and global radio from wherever you are. Whether you want music, sports, news or current events, TuneIn offers over 70,000 stations and 2 million on-demand streams for you to choose from. The TuneIn Radio app lets you take this entire experience with you on your Windows Phone.
DOWNLOAD: TuneIn Radio





TripAdvisorTripAdvisor offers over 75 million reviews and opinions by travellers, so you’ll find the best places to eat, sleep, and play, wherever you travel. It allows you to find hotels, restaurants, and attractions in any destination, as well as see millions of user-uploaded photos for all places around the world. There is even a neat Use Near Me Now feature to help you discover options near you or any address you enter.
DOWNLOAD: TripAdvisor



SkyscannerWhile we’re on the subject of last minute deals, Skyscanner does the same thing for flights. Well, with Skyscanner you can. Just provide the destination, the date you want to travel and the number of people in your party and the app will find you the best value offers available, and allow you to book them straight from your Nokia Lumia.
DOWNLOAD: Skyscanner


Bing Maps

MapsNokia removes the Bing Maps launcher from all Lumia phones and replaces it with the HERE Maps app. However, this app will get you back the Microsoft designed Maps app with the stock Maps icon. Bing Maps uses some of the visual signifiers found elsewhere in the Windows Phone OS – particularly when it comes to using variously sized fonts for place names.

KayakWe’ve highlighted specific flight and hotel-finding tools elsewhere on this list, but Kayak is an ambitious app that looks combine the two – along with car rentals and a travel planner organiser for good measure! The app as a whole is a little slower and less reliable than some of the best stand-alone apps, but for a one-size-fits-all travel app solution, this is one of the best.

British AirwaysThe British Airways app replaces the old paper boarding passes with a digital one. This makes the check-in procedure far easier, not to mention far safer, as there’s much less chance you’d accidentally leave your phone at home! The app will also give you up to date flight information and terminal maps, as well as enable you to pin your boarding pass to the Start screen. : Currently the UK’s largest independent train ticket retailer, this mobile app helps you check train times and ticket prices, as well as buy train tickets for all train companies to all national rail destinations. What we like is that you can buy train tickets up to 10 minutes before you travel and still get a saving!



Facebook Messenger

Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger for Windows Phone is now available to download for free from the Windows Phone Store and allows you to message people using the data plan on your Nokia Lumia so you don’t have to pay for messages. The app has been developed jointly by Microsoft and Facebook and adds extra usability to your Facebook time that you won’t find in the integrated Windows Phone version. Once you’ve downloaded the app you simply log in using your Facebook account details and you’re instantly on the Messenger screen. You can see who’s using Messenger and who’s active on Facebook and you can always stay logged in so you’re never going to miss a message.
DOWNLOAD: Facebook Messenger



InstagramInstagram for Windows Phone 8 has been the most eagerly awaited app for the platform. It now joins over 190,000 other apps on the fastest growing platform around. With Instagram you can take photos and document your life. With the built-in filters you can turn them into works of art and share them with your friends. You can take a photo using your Nokia Lumia, or grab one you’ve already taken and stored in the Photo Hub, add a filter, a border and a host of other effects and then share with friends.
DOWNLOAD: Instagram



vineIn a little over 12 months, Vine has clocked up over 40 million users, making it one of the fastest growing, and certainly most creative, social media groups out there. You can simply record footage, or use the built-in animator to create stunning stop-frame movies, which are hugely popular with the Vine community. The main features within Vine are pretty much the same as the Android and iOS version of the app. However, this wouldn’t be a Windows Phone app if it didn’t offer Live Tile support, so you can pin Vine to the start screen of your Nokia Lumia and see when your followers and friends add a video or update their status.



WhatsAppWhatsApp is one of the most popular Instant Messaging apps around. It lets you send messages quickly and easily to your friends in an instant, almost no matter the smartphone they own. It’s easy to set up and register. Simply enter your friends number to add them as a contact, and get chatting over Wi-Fi or 3G.



WeChatWeChat is a nifty little app for your Nokia Lumia 625 that is the complete mobile communication and private social networking app. It’s free to download and use and offers cross-platform support, so you can chat with friends using any device. WeChat is possibly the best way to keep in touch with everyone you care about.



TwitterThe official Twitter app is a wonderful looking bit of software that incorporates the classic Windows Phone style and fuses it with Twitter’s core functionality. All the basic features are there  letting you view your tweet stream from those you follow, reply to tweets and send private messages, in an app that looks clean and is easy to use with a choice of themes for a personal touch.



FacebookAmazingly you might be wondering why you need the official Facebook app on your Nokia Lumia, given the service’s unparalleled integration into Windows Phone. However this Facebook app gives you full control over your account and lets you check into Places.
DOWNLOAD: Facebook



BaconitIf you’re a keen user of social news service Reddit, Baconit should really be your first port of call. It gives you full control over your account and offers full editing capabilities. There’s even a live tile that tracks your karma.


Snapchat for Windows Phone

Snapchat for Windows PhoneSnapchat for Windows Phone isn’t an official SnapChat app and is very much a Beta app, so may not work as you intend. However, it does let you Snap a photo or a video using your Nokia Lumia 625, add a caption, and send it to a friend, or even a group of friends. They’ll view it, laugh, and then the snap disappears from the screen – unless they take a screenshot! If you want to share a Snap with all of your friends, add it to your Snapchat Story, where each Snap lives for 24 hours until it disappears, making room for the new.
DOWNLOAD: Snapchat for Windows Phone



LinkedInAllowing you access to one of the world’s fastest growing social networks for business users. Read the latest industry news, keep up-to-date with your groups, explore jobs you might be interested in, and share content with your network from anywhere.



SkypeSkype is the vital addition to Windows Phone 8 on your Nokia Lumia 520. It’s a brilliantly polished and slick app that lets you send instant messages and make calls over an internet connection, rather than using up your network minutes.

VimeoYouTube might be the most popular video repository, but Vimeo is where all the cool film-makers hang out – and with them the best, most interesting video content. That’s why we’re so glad that there’s a dedicated Vimeo app on the Windows Phone Marketplace – which has launched before an official YouTube app, we should note! Vimeo is suitably stylish and easy to use, and it’ll also let you upload your own videos.



Hipstamatic Oggl PRO

HipstamaticHipstamatic Oggl PRO is an amazing photo app for those who want to take their photos to a new level and share with a community of creatives. It’s a “capture-first” shooting app that uses Hipstamatic’s lenses and films. It comes with five “Favourites” pre-loaded for shooting: Landscape, Food, Portrait, Nightlife and Sunset. You can then edit a photo after it’s taken to experiment with different looks, and tap to preview effects before shooting. Share your best photos to your Oggl profile to curate your personal story. With “My Collection,” see your photos showcased next to photos you’ve curated from around the community.
DOWNLOAD: Hipstamatic Oggl PRO



6tag6tag is the most full featured Instagram app for Windows Phone and before the official app launched was the best way to interact with the service. You can upload pictures and videos on Instagram, apply filters, tag your friends, view posts on a map, and generally interact as normal. You can customise your photos with one of several custom built filter effects, as well as original Instagram filters such as XPro-II, Earlybird, Rise and Amaro..


Picture Perfect

Picture PerfectPicture Perfect is a great photo editing app for Windows Phone that offers one-tap auto enhance as well as the standard editing tools of colour balance, crop, rotate and straighten, as well as colour editing tools such as adjust brightness, contrast, colour temperature, and saturation. Picture Perfect is powered by Aviary so you can edit exiting photos or take a new snap and edit it. There are tons of effects, stickers and features to apply to your photos.
DOWNLOAD: Picture Perfect



LazyLensLazyLens for Windows Phone allows you to be creative with a swipe of a finger. While other photo editors are packed with functionality allowing you to edit photos in a variety of ways, LazyLens comes with 23 customisable presets, or mix and match colours, textures, lighting effects, vignettes and frames to create your own. Along with LazyLens’ presets, you can also enjoy a set of standard adjustments including brightness, contrast and saturation, crop and tilt-shift. Save it on your phone, share it with friends; it doesn’t get easier than LazyLens.



Camera360Camera360 for WP8 features a unique Compass Tool inspired by the SLR, and offers the best Special Effects, Real-Time Preview, and Smart Photo Editing options available on the market today. Staying true to its “Less is More” mentality, Camera360 for WP8 brings you a simple yet powerful mobile camera experience.
DOWNLOAD: Camera360



PhotosynthPhotosynth for Windows Phone is a great panorama app from the labs at Microsoft. It allows you to do more than simply up and down, or across shots, as you can capture full 360 degrees, that allows you to make a perfect “sphere” on your Nokia Lumia 520.
DOWNLOAD: Photosynth


Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by AviaryPhoto Editor by Aviary has been designed as a fast and powerful photo editor that edits photos on your Nokia Lumia with no fuss. Along with a host of filters and effects, you can crop your image, enhance it, draw all over it and even add stickers. We like that you can even add text to turn your creations into mini-posters before sharing them.
DOWNLOAD: Photo Editor by Aviary



FhotoroomFhotoroom is a powerful camera app that offers the high-end cameraphone user a great deal of flexibility. It works with photos up to 22MP and still feel like its 1MP. You can fix/tweak your photos using the Basic Editor, as well as choose a new style from over 75 different filters which are all customisable and then give your photos a final touch with the custom designed frames.
DOWNLOAD: Fhotoroom



Phototastic FreePhototastic isn’t so much as a photo editing tool, it’s more a post-edit tool that allows you to create fantastic looking collages using your Nokia Lumia photos. Create a collage using classic frame borders or choose from one of the film templates like Polaroid, photobooth or filmstrip or try out the new Facebook cover photo frames.Once finished with arranging your photos apply one of the many effects available.
DOWNLOAD: Phototastic



LomogramLomogram is a photo editing app that is free to download and comes with more than 40 filters. Along with the standard array of colour filters you’ll find a host of borders and light effects that can be combined in numerous ways to achieve unique look. Once you’ve got a great image to share, you can fire it off to friends and family using Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or even Tumblr.
DOWNLOAD: Lomogram



Calorie TrackerThe Livestrong Calorie Tracker will help you get into shape by telling you which foods have the most calories. A database of over 625,000 food items helps you to decide what you may want to eat more of, and what you may wish to avoid. Whether you’re on a diet or just like to watch what you put in your mouth, its daily calorie counter will deliver a mixture of information and motivation to keep up good eating habits.

Endomondo Sports TrackerEndomondo Sports Tracker: Endomondo is like a personal trainer and a piece of hi-tech gymn equipment rolled into one – and it’s free! Track your exercise routine, gain advice from friends and analyse your stats to see where improvements have been made.

Gym PocketGuide

Gym PocketGuidePowered by, have your own personal workout encyclopedia in your pocket. Lose fat, build muscle or find some new exercises. No matter your goal Gym PocketGuide will help you improve your fitness with 90+ exercises and stretches all accompanied with high quality images and step-by-step guides.
DOWNLOAD: Gym PocketGuide

Active Fitness

Active FitnessActive Fitness is a neat little app that helps you keep track of your health regime. What’s so good about the app is that it’s not tied into any one sport, so whether you love running, walking or cycling, or want to use it for more adventurous sports such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or even snowboarding, you can. One of the key features of Active Fitness is the AFN (Active Fitness Network), which allows you to stay in contact with friends doing the same sport. You can even use NFC to Tap-to-Friend your various activities.
DOWNLOAD: Active Fitness


Adidas MiCoach

adidas miCoachAdidas MiCoach joins Active Fitness in the Nokia Collection for Windows Phone 8 as the latest personal sports and coaching app. Adidas MiCoach gives you access to over 400 strength and flexibility exercises as part of the coached workouts section. This wouldn’t be a Windows Phone app if you weren’t able to pin Live Tiles to your Start screen. What’s unique about Adidas MiCoach is that it’s been integrated with Nokia Music so you can get playlists to run alongside your workout. These Adidas playlists have been especially created with Adidas MiCoach in mind.
DOWNLOAD: Adidas MiCoach




SpotifySpotify is a rival to Nokia Mix Radio and opens up your Windows Phone to a world of music. With Spotify Premium you can access millions of tracks from our library, and take your playlists on the go with the Offline mode – no connection needed. If you haven’t tried Premium before, you can try it on your mobile for 48 hours, completely free. You don’t even need to enter credit card details. Simply download the app and log in.


Media Remote

Media RemoteIf you’re using Spotify then you need to get old of Media Remote as it allows you to control Spotify from your Nokia Lumia 625. The application displays album and artist art for a rich user experience. And it works with all Spotify account types! You can also search for your favourite music in the Spotify catalog and play it on your PC from your Windows Phone.
DOWNLOAD: Media Remote



ShazamHow many times have you heard a tune and wished you knew who it was? With Shazam you can do exactly that as it ecognises music and media playing around you. Tap the Shazam button to instantly tag, and then explore, buy and share. Tagging is unlimited, so use Shazam as much as you want.



SoundHoundSoundHound is another instant music and discovery. With this app you can identify original music or carry out a singing search with the touch of a button. Both apps do the same great job, so it’s down to which interface you prefer as to which is the best.
DOWNLOAD: SoundHound



RadioplayerRadioPlayer for Windows Phone is the official app for BBC services and hundreds of British radio stations and is a great way to stream live radio, as well as catch-up programmes and podcasts on your Nokia Lumia. Other stations in Radioplayer include talkSPORT, Kiss, Kisstory, Magic, Kerrang, Planet Rock, Jazz FM, Fun Kids, Ministry of Sound, Free radio, Gaydio, Radio Caroline, Radio Jackie, and TeamRock.
DOWNLOAD: RadioPlayer


Xbox Video

Xbox VideoXbox Video allows you to rent and buy new blockbuster movies, as well as get your hands on classic and watch them on your Windows Phone 8, PC, tablet, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or at It’s not just movies, as you’ll also be able to get your hands on TV Shows the day after they air in many cases. We like that you can pick up what you’re watching from where you left off with a neat little resume feature.
DOWNLOAD: Xbox Video


Xbox Music

Xbox MusicWant the latest and greatest Xbox Music features on your Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone? With the Xbox Music app and your Xbox Music Pass you can explore, stream and download millions of songs on your device. It’s the best way to get all the music you love on your Windows Phone. This app requires an Xbox Music Pass. Sign up at

DOWNLOAD: Xbox Music


BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayerBBC iPlayer allows you to watch and listen to BBC TV and Radio programmes from the last seven days. You can stream content over WiFi as well as 3G and you can browse programmes by category, schedule, featured and most popular. It consists of a shortcut to the mobile version of the website and one great feature is the ability to add shows to your Favourites, so any new episodes that appear will be highlighted, making it easier to enjoy the shows you like to watch the most.



4oDWith the 4oD app for Windows Phone 8 on your Nokia Lumia smartphone you can watch the best of Channel 4, E4 and More4 here in the UK right on your Nokia Lumia 625. Streaming is accessible via WiFi networks in UK and Ireland and there is no limit to the amount you can watch. As with the desktop version you will find there are ads before and during the shows. Tap on a programme and you’ll be given an overview, not only of the current show but the background and characters. Take the image and you’ll be able to play the current episode or swipe to the left and find out which other episodes are available.


Demand 5

Demand-5Channel 5 is home to such diverse TV shows as The Dog Rescuers and Cowboy Builders for those who love true life shows, to soaps such as Home and Away and Neighbours. Then there is a host of great US Castle and The Mentalist, before you catch up with gadget news from The Gadget Show. Demand 5 for Windows Phone 8 is restricted to the UK, so you won’t be able to use it when travelling abroad but it does allow you to watch a host of TV shows across its network: Channel 5, 5* and 5USA.
DOWNLOAD: Demand 5


TV Catchup

TVCatchupTV Catchup allows you to watch over 50 channels of live national television from within the UK, as well as a host of other features. You’ll find the likes of BBC One and BBC Two on here, as well as ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 as well as a host of freeview channels, everything from Dave and E4 to 5USA, CBBC Channel and even QVC if you’re desperate to do some TV shopping. The layout is fairly simple, a scrolling menu of channels and a guide as to what’s on now and what’s coming up new. If you’ve got a favourite TV channel then you can even pin that to the Start screen so you don’t even have go to the app itself.



NetflixNetflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and films on your phone.If you don’t want to watch anything that the standard TV services have to offer and you have a Netflix membership, you can instantly watch thousands of TV episodes and films on your Nokia Lumia. This Netflix mobile app is designed to deliver the best experience anywhere, anytime.


Global TV

Global TVWant to think a little outside the box and tap into a wider array of programming on your Nokia Lumia 625? Well, you don’t need to look too far as Global TV has over 500 channels worldwide, from countries like Vietnam, USA, UK, China, Korea, Thailand , Italy, Brazil, India, German, Japan, Spain etc., plus movie channels and sports channels. There are no advertisements, and the app is always free. Connect to Wi-Fi or high speed 3G internet for the best quality.



IMDbiMDB is perhaps the best known online resource for all your movie-lovin’ needs. It covers actor profiles, film synopses, poster art, movie trailers – you can even check out your local cinema film times! With IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrity for Windows Phone, you can search the world’s largest collection and with over 1.5 million movie and TV titles to explore, as well as over 3.2 million celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and other crew members to check facts out against, there is always something to read. It’s all served up through an interface that really makes the most of Windows Phone 8 and looks great on the Nokia Lumia 625.



Movies App

Movies AppFrom new releases, to upcoming films, as well as current DVD’s, you are certain to find information about what to watch. The app provides you with full movie details from multiple sources using the Modern UI style. You can watch trailers, share movies, view posters, read reviews, find similar movies as well as view the full cast and crew information. Add movies to your collection that you want to watch, or movies you have seen which you can rate and pin your favourites to the start screen for easy access. Where possible the app provides ratings from multiple sources and links to popular websites like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, TheMovieDb and Wikipedia.
DOWNLOAD: Movies App



FlixsterIf you need pointers on the cinema times for your local cinema multiplex then check out Flixster. It lets you know exactly which big budget blockbuster is showing, where, and when. What’s more, you can view the top box office leaders, upcoming movies, and new DVD releases and watch high quality trailers for over 15,000 blockbuster and indie flicks. You can now take your UltraViolet collection with you and watch movies you own or rent in the Flixster app. Offline playback is currently not supported.
DOWNLOAD: Flixster



VimeoYouTube might be the most popular video repository, but Vimeo is where all the cool film-makers hang out – and with them the best, most interesting video content. That’s why we’re so glad that there’s a dedicated Vimeo app on the Windows Phone Marketplace – which has launched before an official YouTube app, we should note! Vimeo is suitably stylish and easy to use, and it’ll also let you upload your own videos.




ScooptScoopt is the social shopping network for people that love clothes, shoes and jewellery. The big difference between Scoopt and other clothes shopping apps is that Scoopt users share their favourite shops and boutiques – use Scoopt to shop from inspiring fashion labels when you’re at home, and continue your search for undiscovered fashion from real shops when you’re out and about.


ASOS Daily Edit

ASOSASOS is a global fashion destination for 20-somethings. It sells cutting-edge ‘fast fashion’ and offers a wide variety of fashion-related content, selling over 65,000 branded and own-brand products from its UK hub to almost every country in the world. ASOS Daily Edit is a quick and easy way to shop the best of ‘New In’ at ASOS, the world’s number one place to discover fashion online. Users can either browse, buy, share or save items to their ASOS account, direct from the app.



GrouponLaunched in November 2008, Groupon features daily deals on products and services happening in your local area with some amazing discounts. By offering group deals you can be sure of getting the best price available. With the Groupon App you now have the possibility to browse, purchase and redeem great deals for your city on the move. No matter where you are – with our app you’re only one click away from deals (up to 70% off) on the best stuff to do, eat, see and buy.



HotUKDealsEvery one loves a bargain and with a huge community of users sharing their experiences on the latest deals, discounts and voucher codes from the website, you’ll be able to cherry pick the bargains you’re after. HotUKDeals is the UK’s largest site for member submitted deals, voucher codes and bargains. No spam, no nonsense, just sharing and discussion on the hottest UK deals.


BBC News Mobile: The most surprising thing about this BBC News Mobile App is that it isn’t official! Despite being a third party effort, it’s got all the polish and poise you’d expect of the Beeb itself. This is a great way to sift through the latest news from one of the world’s foremost broadcasters.

The Guardian: The Guardian app for Windows delivers all the latest news and best content from the Guardian and Observer to your phone in a highly customisable, free app. Catch up with the day’s sports news, comment and reviews, watch video, listen to podcasts and browse stunning picture galleries while on the move.



TeamViewerTeamViewer is a great remote control app that works across Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and provides instant support for friends and family or accessing applications on your home computer while on the go, TeamViewer allows you to accomplish all this from your Windows Phone.
DOWNLOAD: TeamViewer


Voice Recorder Pro+

Voice Recorder ProRecorder has been designed to meet your needs for all sorts of sound and voice recording needs. Whether you are at a business meeting, a lecture, carry out an interview, or just need to have a shopping list at hand, Easy Recorder is a perfect choice. It’s a quick download and works on the Nokia Lumia 625 with ease. Call Recorder is a little tool that you can record phone calls and play it back and transfer recordings via your Skydrive.
DOWNLOAD: Voice Recorder Pro+


EverNoteEverNote: Evernote takes note taking to the next level, letting you store and organise your thoughts through text, images and audio recordings. Your notes are readily available from pretty much any smart device or computer, so it’s really more of a life-organiser than a simple digital notepad.

Unit Converter Pro+

Unit Converter ProAll of us has had problems with conversion of units of measurements at some time or other, That’s why, this professional tool is incredibly useful. Unit Converter Pro+ is an easy to use, user friendly app which enables you to convert everything from the temperature of something, to the length, volume and even the pressure or energy use of an item.
DOWNLOAD: Unit Converter Pro+


Nokia Xpress

Nokia XpressThis is a Nokia Lumia exclusive app. Nokia Xpress compresses web pages, meaning you can make data savings of up to 85%, whilst faster browsing makes it ideal for anyone who’s pushed for time. That’s not all, as Nokia Xpress packs in a whole host of features, including a magazine that brings all your favorite articles together in one place, and the ability to save pages to read later, even if you’re not online.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Xpress


Adobe Reader

Adobe ReaderAdobe Reader is another great free app that allows you to view and interact with PDF documents across platforms and devices. Install the free Adobe Reader mobile app to work with PDF documents on your Windows Phone devices. Easily access a wide variety of PDF types, including password-protected documents.
DOWNLOAD: Adobe Reader



ReinstallerAt present, if you want to quickly check which apps you’ve purchased, downloaded and subsequently deleted from your Nokia Lumia, you have to head to the Windows Phone web-browser tool. There’s no official way to do this on your phone, which is where Reinstaller comes in. It replicates the above functionality on your phone – although admittedly it’s neither as quick nor as efficient a process as it could be. An essential tool, nonetheless.
DOWNLOAD: Reinstaller


Battery Pro+

Battery Pro+Battery Pro+ is a free download that offers you complete control of the battery power usage of your Nokia Lumia smartphone. It’s an incredibly user friendly app, which enables you to check the battery status in percentage, as well as the hourly power usage. You can check the time left for the battery to discharge, as well as the range of battery usage over the last 48 hours. It’s also got an incredibly simple but informative look that gives you an east at-a-glance update of your battery life status.
DOWNLOAD: Battery Pro+


Battery Meter

Battery MeterBattery Meter recently came in for a re-design and a re-working and shows your current battery percentage and estimated discharge time. It displays remaining percentage and discharge time in the live tile. This information can be also displayed in the lock screen (setting required from Settings -> Lock Screen). Battery Meter is the only utility tool that allows you to keep an eye on your battery accurately.
DOWNLOAD: Battery Meter



Battery_bBattery is another simply named and effective battery monitoring app that is free to download. It has a nice and simple look and instantly allows you to see how long your Nokia Lumia battery will last when being used by a whole variety of uses, such as listening to music, watching videos, browsing the internet, to playing the latest games.



BatteryBattery is a great way to to see the battery status of your Nokia Lumia and the remaining charge percentage all from the main screen and even lock screen of your smartphone. You can set the Live Tile to three different sizes, it also offers different types of notifications, from when the battery is fully charged, to when the battery is discharging quickly, to when the battery is low. It even allows you to set up shortcuts to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, Cellular, Airplane mode settings.



Battery_gBattery is a nice and simple battery management app. It displays the current status of your battery, how much time you have before your Nokia Lumia starts to run low, or even turns itself off.That’s not all, as the Battery app also lets you easily enable/disable various phone services, which can help extend the life of your battery. The app shows you the remaining time until battery is fully charged, when hooked up to a charger, and even shows you smartphone connectivity status (WiFi, Bluetooth, Location, Data connection, Airplane mode) and provides shortcuts to settings.



OneDriveOneDrive for Windows Phone is the new name for SkyDrive and is the Cloud-based backup solution for all your photos, videos, documents, and more. Once installed you’ll need to log-in using your Microsoft account you can readily browse all your OneDrive files and files shared with you. The main look of the app remains the same, so you’ll find yourself in the Files section that gives you access to the default folders, such as Documents and Pictures, but also folders you’ve created and ones linked directly to apps on your Nokia Lumia.

Amazon KindleIf you want to read books on your Nokia Lumia phone, there’s only one solution – the Amazon Kindle app. Here you can browse, shop for and – of course – read from a selection of 750,000 electronic books. The interface is clean and crisp, and you can even send book recommendations to your friends, or have personalised book recommendations made for you.

Sky News: Love it or hate it, Sky has the resources to imbue everything it does with real polish – and that extends to its apps. This Windows Phone Sky News app provides the latest news, as you’d expect, and also provides complementary video content for many of its stories. For all the latest on world events, showbiz, sport and more, this is one of the more accomplished efforts for your Nokia Lumia phone.

Cool Tools: Cool Tools packs in a few neat little tools missing from your phone, including a handy stopwatch, timer, unit converter and a flashlight in one app. Think of it as the Swiss army knife of the Windows Phone Marketplace.

There’s more to what you see than meets the eyes. That’s why you need Wikitude, It’s an augmented reality-driven browser that lets you discover more about your surroundings, displaying information about sights, shops and restaurants around you by pointing your phone in that direction.

Lottery ResultsThis potentially prizewinning app will either leave you feeling on top of the world or (most likely) very disappointed. It provides the results for 335 worldwide lotteries. Just pin the app to the start screen for notifications of the numbers.

SkyMap: This free app is an amazing planetarium for your windows phone. It enables you to point your phone at the sky and see what stars, constellations, planets or deep space objects are out there in real time. SkyMap shows the sky in 3D, like you see it at night time exposing a collection of over 110000 stars.


CamScannerCamScanner has quickly become one of our favourite apps and is a productivity tool you didn’t really know you needed until it turned up! It allows you to turn your Nokia Lumia 625 into a Scanner with CamScanner for Intelligent Document Management. CamScanner is an intelligent document management solution for individuals, small businesses, organizations, governments and schools. It is the perfect fit for those who want to scan, sync, edit, share and manage various contents on all devices.
DOWNLOAD: CamScanner


Xbox One SmartGlass

SmartGlassYou might think that Xbox One SmartGlass is more of a gaming app, but that’s not really the case. Xbox One SmartGlass is the perfect companion app for your Xbox One, both in your living room and on the go, allowing you to navigate to the film you want to watch and then play and pause it with your Nokia Lumia phone.. Connect and control your Xbox One. Stay connected with the games and gamers you like.

DOWNLOAD: Xbox One SmartGlass



PRIVATE litePrivate Lite claims to have had over three million downloads, making it one of the more popular photo lock apps for Windows Phone. There are neat Instant Lock and Fake Mode options and the built-in photo editor allows you to make more of the images you’ve got stored in the vault. This latest version comes with SkyDrive support and even incorporates an image downloader.


Photo Lock Free

Photo Lock FreePhoto Lock Free is a Windows Phone app that has been added to the Nokia Collection as a non-exclusive app. It has a clean and easy to use interface. Before you can start to use Photo Lock Free you’ll need to register. This is so you can reclaim your password should you forget it, as no photos are lifted from the phone – everything is stored on the Nokia Lumia itself. As with other apps here, Photos and videos take in the app stay in the app.
DOWNLOAD: Photo Lock Free

Tube Map: Tube Maps is essentially a recreation of the existing tube map found on the London Underground. But that’s why we love it so. With Tube Map you won’t need to carry a bit of paper with you, or strain your neck to look at it on the train.

If that’s not enough to keep your Nokia Lumia smartphone happy then you’ll find over 249,000 apps living and breathing on the Windows Phone Store for you to check out. Just remember, the beauty of Windows Phone is that you can try before you buy, so you’ve nothing to lose!

What are your favourite free apps for the Nokia Lumia smartphone? Let us know in the Comments below.

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