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Interview: Rebellion CEO talks about Judge Dredd Vs Zombies for Windows Phone

Published by Mike Browne January 29, 2013

Interview: Rebellion CEO talks about Judge Dredd Vs Zombies for Windows Phone

Published by Mike Browne January 29, 2013

dredd-zombies-01Judge Dredd is the iconic character spawned in the punks years of the 1970s in British comic weekly 2000AD. He and Mega-City One, the city he is sworn to protect, are still going strong and with the arrival of Judge Dredd Vs Zombies on Windows Phone he’s just got a whole new lease of life. Here we talk to Rebellion CEO about the Judge Dredd Vs Zombies for Windows Phone.

Judge Dredd Vs Zombies, along with Guns 4 Hire is their first foray into Windows Phone 8 gaming territory. The title has already come close to two million downloads on iOS and they’re hoping for a similar level of interest on Windows Phone 8.

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It’s a great game with some of the most amazing graphics we’ve ever seen on Windows Phone. You need to keep your wits and your nerve if you’re to progress through the game. We have to admit that while we’re been loving playing it we’ve yet to fully feel like we’re in control, it’s simply that immersive.

The game is free to download and play with revenue being generated by in-game powerups and advancements. We got a chance to put a few questions to Jason Kingsley, co-founder and CEO of Rebellion, to ask him about the iconic character and his appearance on Windows Phone.

NokNok: In a nutshell, what’s the premise of the game?

jason-kinglseyJason Kingsley: Be Judge Dredd and put down a zombie uprising inside a megablock.  It’s a simplified shooter with very playable mechanics and some advanced player features that mean the game is easy to play, but difficult to master we hope. It’s very re-playable as well as the idea is to both complete the story and to get a high score.

NN: With so much Dredd history to play with, why zombies?

JK: Dredd has actually faced off against zombies in the comic – billions of them, in fact. The ‘Judgement Day’ storyline saw all the world’s dead rise up and try to eat the living. Dredd won, obviously! But for the game it just seemed like a fun thing to do at the time, we also didn’t want the enemies to have any kind of projectile weapons and be slow-moving … mostly.

NN: What are the challenges of working on games for Windows Phone?

JK: Getting the game play to work within the screen size and physical format of the device was a challenge. The technology works very well and we’re using our own proprietary game engine to drive the game. The same game engine that drives our AAA titles by the way like Sniper Elite v2 and Aliens vs Predator.

NN: And the advantages?

JK: It’s a system that people carry around with them so if they have a few minutes to spare then can fire the game up and enjoy a blast and try to get a high score.


NN: Where next for the character?

JK: Well we worked with DNA on the Dredd movie, which is sitting at Number One in the DVD and Blu-Ray charts currently. Judge Dredd continues his story in the 2000 AD comic weekly of course, both in paper form and digitally, and we’ll see what game adventures he might turn up in over the next few months. Nothing I can announce here though, I’m afraid.

NN: Any plans for Rogue Trooper game?

JK: Yes, Rogue Trooper the game is still available on Steam. That was a great title and we’d love to revisit it sometime soon. No immediate plans, but things can change quickly here at Rebellion, so you never know.

We’d like to thank Jason for taking the time out from his busy schedule to speak to us.

You can download Judge Dredd Vs Zombies from the Windows Phone Store now.

DOWNLOAD: Judge Dredd Vs Zombies

If anyone wants to keep up with 2000AD there is a Twitter feed @2000ad and the weekly digital newsletter, which you can sign up to here.

Rebellion is on Twitter as @Rebellion and Facebook

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