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Ebay app review for Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne January 30, 2013

Ebay app review for Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne January 30, 2013

ebay-windows-phone-review-01eBay has become something of an internet stalwart helping sell their stuff Del Boy style, or simply for picking up a bargain. We’ve been checking it out on our Nokia Lumia 920. Find out more with our Ebay app review for Windows Phone 8.

eBay doesn’t need much of an introduction, it’s something of an internet cornerstone these days, with pretty much everyone checking it out for deals, or simply to shift a few old books and CDs.

While eBay isn’t an exclusive Nokia Lumia app, its increasingly being bundled with its phones. It uses the standard Metro UI and we have to admit looks pretty good on the 4.5-inch screen of the Nokia Lumia 920.

The app opens up and drops you immediately into a Search page, from which you can type in what you’re looking for. Alternatively, if you’re just browsing there are categories highlighted that you can dip in to.

Tap on any of these and you’ll be moved to a new one listing the latest items. As with the full-blown website, you can drill down by Auction or Buy Now, or you can tap the Sort button on the bottom menu and select how you want to view – by price, time or even distance from you.

The app works best when you log in as it allows you to check your status on My eBay. Here you can check the items you’re watching, selling or most recently bought. It’s a simple enough layout that lets you see at a glance you activity. Tapping on any menu listing take your through to

For example, Selling takes you through to a list of your activity, with image on the left hand side, the description and current price and Watchers listed to the right. In this way it’s a nice way for sellers to stay in control of auctions even when on the move.

It’s not quite the full interactive experience, but eBay is a great app if you like to keep on top of things and make that last minute bid.

The eBay app for Windows Phone 8 is free to download from the Windows Phone Store.


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