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247 Sport review for Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne February 13, 2013

247 Sport review for Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne February 13, 2013

247-sport-review-04As the name suggests, 247 Sport for Windows Phone 8 gives you instant access to sport all-day every day. We’ve been checking it out on our Nokia Lumia 920 to see how well it works. Find out more with our 247 Sport review for Windows Phone 8.

Billing itself as the ‘ultimate sports app’, 247 Sport is a neat little Windows Phone 8 app that does a decent job of keeping you informed as to what’s happening in all areas of the sporting endeavours. It’s a areal time app that draws its information from the 247Sport website bringing the latest live scores, match commentaries, news, results and fixtures for a whole range of sports.

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Covering everything from the Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League for football fans, to International Cricket, European and PGA Tour Golf and even Formula One there is a wide array of sports on offer for the generalist fan.

In terms of look and style it has a quite simple and uncluttered look to it. Using the standard Metro UI you can swipe between the various panels and then tap to dive deeper. When you open the app you’ll initially find yourself on the Live page, with a run down of the upcoming live matches for all sports covered, such as football, cricket and tennis.

Swipe to your right and you’ll move onto the News page, which gives you a good general overview of sports news in general. Each story has a headline and an image to the left, tap on either and you’ll be moved to the article itself. You can only read articles in Portrait mode and with a simple image at the top and then text it’s a simple newsfeed.

While News is quite general, next up is Sports, which allows you to tap into specific sports, from football and Golf at the top to Horse Racing and Rugby (both League and Union) at the bottom. Sadly, in this version you can’t pin your favourite sport to the Stat screen of your Nokia Lumia, as this would allow for a more personalised experience.

Tap on the one that takes your fancy and you’ll pretty much find an app within an app. Football, for example, gives you a Fixture page, along with a separate News, Tables and Live pages.

247 Sport is free but it does come with onscreen advertising, comprising a strip across the bottom of the screen. Now, we don’t mind freemiumware making its money through ads but the bar is a little too large and in-your-face for our liking. This is the only problem with have with an otherwise higher usable Windows Phone app.

If you like sport in all its forms then 247 Sport for Windows Phone 8 is a great app to get your hands on. Sure, there are areas that could be developed – a slicker interface would be nice, as would video and image galleries – but for delivering information it’s second-to-none.

DOWNLOAD: 247 Sport

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