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Nokia N8 beats Nokia 808 as your favourite Symbian smartphone ever!

Published by Mike Browne February 13, 2013

Nokia N8 beats Nokia 808 as your favourite Symbian smartphone ever!

Published by Mike Browne February 13, 2013

Nokia N8: Why we still love it so muchThe Nokia N8 is the Symbian smartphone that keeps on giving, seeing off opposition from the Nokia 808 PureView and classic Nokia N95. Nokia may not be considering launching any more Symbian smartphones but it seems many users are happy to continue using their devices. Read on to find out why the Nokia N8 is your favourite Symbian smartphone ever!

We recently ran a poll asking you which was your favourite Symbian smartphone of all time, with the Nokia N8, Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia N95 8GB as the main contenders. We’d like to than you all for the amazing response, it seems there is still a great deal of love for Symbian out there!

As we said at the time ‘Without a doubt, the Nokia N8 is the smartphone many of us will remember, and continue to use, as the most innovative and compelling Symbian smartphone ever. Before PureView, cameraphone technology was largely about how many Megapixels could be utilised inside your smartphone. Offering a simply staggering 12-Megapixel camera, stunning build quality and plenty of impressive features, such as USB on the go and an HDMI port for hooking up HD TVs the N8 couldn’t be beat.’


And so it seems, as a whopping 67 per cent of you voted for the powerhouse portable. With a landslide victory the Nokia N8 is clearly the best Symbian device out there. We’d like to say the Nokia 808 PureView was hot on its heels but with 14 per cent of the vote it was some way behind.

Some seven per cent of the vote of was made up of ‘other’ votes, so clearly there is a great deal of affection for a range of Symbian phones, with the Nokia E71 proving popular, as well as the Nokia E7 and even the Nokia E90.

Interestingly, the one Symbian smartphone that made an impact in the ‘Others’ category was the Nokia 5800 – the first touchscreen smartphone Nokia released running Symbian. We have a sneaky feeling of at least one person who still uses this phone and would have voted, which shows there is life in a platform many have consigned to the past.

Do you still love your Nokia N8? Let us know why in the Comments below.

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