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Best Nokia gear at MWC 2013

Published by Jon Mundy March 05, 2013

Best Nokia gear at MWC 2013

Published by Jon Mundy March 05, 2013

NOkia ChargerMWC 2013 wasn’t all about exciting new handsets, although in the Nokia Lumia 720 and the Nokia Lumia 520 Nokia had a couple of corkers. Additionally the company showed off some top notch chargers and covers.

The current Nokia Lumia range is now five handsets strong, with the aforementioned two new handsets joining the Nokia Lumia 620, Nokia Lumia 820 and top-of-the-range Nokia Lumia 920.

There’s a Nokia Lumia phone for every budget, all joined by Nokia’s famous attention to detail, design excellence, and of course the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

One other thing Nokia is famous for is providing after-market support for its devices through a generous provision of peripherals. MWC 2013 played host to three new ones in particular, which we thought we’d highlight.

Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder

Compatible with: Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia Lumia 720

Price: €69

Availability: April 2013

This piece of kit (also known as the CR-200) allows you to mount your Nokia Lumia phone on your car’s dashboard, whilst simultaneously charging it. Interestingly, this charging takes place wirelessly, so you don’t have to fiddle around trying to hook up your phone every time you get into your car.

What’s more, you can orientate your phone in a portrait or a horizontal position. Boot up Nokia HERE Drive, flip your phone onto its side, and you have yourself a bone fide sat nav system.

The holder also contains an NFC tag, which you can set to launch specific apps when you place your Lumia phone in it. Again, we’re thinking HERE Drive could be a handy suggestion!

Nokia Wireless Charging Cover

Compatible with: Nokia Lumia 720

Price: €29.90

The Nokia Lumia 720 doesn’t come with wireless charging out of the box, but it’s a small matter to enable this helpful function thanks to the Nokia Wireless Charging Cover.

Clip it onto your new phone and you’ll be able to use the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate, or  some alternative, to juice up without having to fiddle around with leads and ports.

A Lumia for every budget

Nokia Shell

Compatible with: Nokia Lumia 520

Price: €9

Availability: Q2 2013

Nokia’s other new Lumia device also got some case love at MWC 2013. In the case of the Nokia Lumia 520 it’s the Nokia Shell, which will set you back a mere €9.

For this you get a stylish protective cover in red, white or yellow. A great way to personalise your new phone as well as guard it against knocks and scrapes.

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