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Nokia Lumia 520 Cyan is your favourite colour

Published by Mike Browne April 08, 2013

Nokia Lumia 520 Cyan is your favourite colour

Published by Mike Browne April 08, 2013

nokia-lumia-520-01The Nokia Lumia 520 has landed and can be yours for less than £100. We recently asked you which colour version of this budget Windows Phone 8 smartphone you’d like to own. Well, the votes are in and it seems the Nokia Lumia 520 Cyan is your favourite choice.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is clearly ‘the most affordable Windows Phone 8 smartphone so far’ coming in at less than £100 (inc. VAT) on PAYG and just £11 a month on contract, with a free handset.It’s available in five fantastic colours, ranging from the standard Black and White editions, to Cyan, Yellow and Red variants.

What you get for your money is a 4-inch touchscreen that like the Nokia Lumia 620 before it is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor and backed by 512MB of RAM. This is more than enough to deliver a full Windows Phone 8 user experience, as well as offer access to the full array of Nokia apps, such as HERE Maps, HERE Drive, Nokia Music and Nokia Mix Radio.

Find out your favourite colour of Nokia Lumia 720

Recently we asked you which was the colour of Nokia Lumia 520 you were most excited about. Well, the results are in, thanks for taking the time to vote, and it seems the love affair with Nokia Cyan is as strong as ever!


Just as with the Nokia Lumia 720, it seems that the blue colour is the one you’re after. Interestingly, while even more of you took part in this vote, it was still 29 per cent of the vote that opted for the Nokia Lumia 520 Cyan.

However, while the second favourite Nokia Lumia 720 was the red edition, it seems that it’s the Nokia Lumia 520 Yellow that is getting you excited for this budget smartphone, as it nabbed 24 per cent of the vote.

The Nokia Lumia 520 Red edition came third with 20 per cent, leaving the Black and White editions to pick up the fourth and fifth spots respectively. It’s interesting to see how colour dominates your choices for the new range of Nokia Lumia smartphones, with the former favourite (Black) a mere 17 per cent of the vote.

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Did you opt for the Nokia Lumia 520 Cyan edition, are will you be opting for a different colour? Let us know in the Comments below.

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