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How to add custom ringtones to your Nokia Lumia 510

Published by Mike Browne April 12, 2013

How to add custom ringtones to your Nokia Lumia 510

Published by Mike Browne April 12, 2013

nokia-lumia-510-ringtone-makerIf you’ve bought a Nokia Lumia 510 and are looking to make it a little more personal then adding a new Lock screen and a ringtone are the quickest and easiest ways to to do so. Here we take a look at how to add custom ringtones to your Nokia Lumia 510.

If you’ve owned a Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 7 for a while then you’ll know how tricky it has been for users to use MP3 files they own and have loaded onto their smartphone to be used as a ringtone.

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This was one of the problems with the older version of the OS. Fortunately, Nokia has come to the rescue with Ringtone Maker, a free app for Nokia Lumia smartphones, so you can create ringtones from the music on your Nokia Lumia smartphone.

It’s worth bearing in mind this is an exclusive app, so you won’t find it on the Windows Phone Store. It also means if you own a device from a rival manufacturer you won’t be able to download it. Instead, it’s in the Nokia Collection and a quick 2MB download and is incredibly easy to use.

Once you have it installed, simply open the app, select your favourite MP3 song, trim it down to the size you’d like it to – the app limits you to 30 seconds at the maximum, but we’ve found that 20 seconds is often more than long enough.

The editing tools on Ringtone Maker are incredibly easy to use and allow you to choose the start, end and length of your ringtone. Once you have it trimmed to the right length then save it as a ringtone. All of this is handled on the phone, with no need for extra software.

Once the ringtone has been created simply head to Settings>Ringtones and Sounds and choose it from the Custom list. That’s how easy it is to add a custom ringtone to your Nokia Lumia 510.

Back when the app first appeared we created a video using our Nokia Lumia 820 that shows you exactly how to make the most of Ringtone Maker on your Nokia Lumia. The app works in exactly the same way on your Nokia Lumia 510.

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