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How to reset your Nokia Lumia 620 running Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne April 24, 2013

How to reset your Nokia Lumia 620 running Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne April 24, 2013

nokia-lumia-620-resetThe Nokia Lumia 620 is one of our favourite Windows Phone 8 smartphones. It’s solid and reliable and perfect for the first-time user. However, even the most stable computer can go astray from time to time. Here we show you how to reset Windows Phone 8 on your Nokia Lumia 620.

The Nokia Lumia 620, like the full Lumia family, runs on Windows Phone which has been created by Microsoft to be as stable and easy to use as possible. However, there times when you may need to restart or reset the handset, typically after an app has crashed.

Top 10 tips for the Nokia Lumia 620 user

The time honoured approach with all computer has been to remove the battery, starving the phone of power and starting things up afresh. That’s an approach you can take with the Nokia Lumia 620 but there are a couple of better ways that make sure the system starts properly.

Soft reset your Nokia Lumia 620 running Windows Phone 8

Performing a ‘soft reset’ is akin to taking the battery out but without the shock to the system that can occur should you suddenly stop the power source. To carry out a a soft reset, simply hold the Volume down and Power buttons down until the Nokia Lumia 620 restarts. It really is that simple, giving your Lumia the jolt it needs to right itself.


Hard reset your Nokia Lumia 620 running Windows Phone 8

The hard reset is a bit more elaborate, which is a good thing really – hard resets completely wipe your phone and reset them to their factory settings. This should only be carried out if you’re sure the phone won’t start any other way.

If you can, carry out a backup before you perform a hard reset. However, it’s likely this isn’t possible, which is why it’s always worthwhile making a regular backup of your Nokia Lumia, just in case!

To carry out a ‘hard reset’ you need to go to Settings>About and then scroll down until you find the ‘Reset Your Phone’ box. Hit this and everything on your Nokia Lumia 620 will be wiped and you’ll find the phone is back to the state when you first took it from its box.

If your phone is completely unresponsive, though, you’ll need to hold down the Camera button, Power button and Volume down button simultaneously. When the phone vibrates, hold down the volume down and camera buttons (removing your finger from the power button) for a further few seconds. Your phone should restart in the same condition as when you very first booted it up.

As mentioned before, carrying out a hard reset is very much a last resort as you’ll need to update your phone and reinstall all your apps.

We’ve never has to reset our Nokia Lumia 620, we’ve found it to be super reliable but it’s good to have this useful bit of knowledge ready for just such an eventuality.

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