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Nokia Lumia 520 top 10 free games

Published by Mike Browne May 15, 2013

Nokia Lumia 520 top 10 free games

Published by Mike Browne May 15, 2013

Lumia520The Nokia Lumia 520 is the entry-level model in the current Windows Phone 8 family. With a £100 price tag, it’s a real bargain but you’ll be surprised how powerful and versatile this smartphone can be. Here we look at the Nokia Lumia 520 top 10 free games for Windows Phone 8.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is the smartphone for those on a tight budget, or those simply looking for the most cost-effective smartphone out there. This entry-level device comes with a 4-inch touchscreen and like the Nokia Lumia 620 before it, you’ll find it is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor and backed by 512MB of RAM.

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While it may lack the 1GB of RAM found on the more expensive Nokia Lumia smartphones, you will find there are plenty of great games that will run on the Nokia Lumia 520 with ease.

Here we bring you what we think are the top 10 free games for your Nokia Lumia 520 right now:

Ice Age Village

Immerse yourself in the unique world of Ice Age and interact with all of your favourite characters as they lead you on quests and missions. This is a great Xbox Live game that even come with mini-games featuring Scrat, everyone’s favourite sabre-toothed squirrel.
DOWNLOAD: Ice Age Village

Angry Birds

The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ defences. Angry Birds features challenging, physics based demolition gameplay with hours and hours of replay value. Each of the over 300 levels require logic, skill, and force to solve.
DOWNLOAD: Angry Birds

AE Bowling 3D

Bowling 3D is a great looking game that plays nice and smoothly on your Nokia Lumia 520. We have to admit, the game doesn’t offer anything we haven’t seen before but when the game play is this good, you won’t mind.


Solve the hidden mysteries to open the door and escape from the room, that’s the purpose of this game.

AE Bubble

AE Bubble is a very casual game with elements of puzzle and shooter, unique machanics and easy- to- learn concept, various bonuses levels, colourful graphics and smooth gameplay make it an addictive game, it also requires strategy thinking, it’s a great way to kill time!

4 Pics 1 Word

The title of this game pretty much gives it all away. Four pictures appear on the screen of your Nokia Lumia 520 with one word in common between them. Some of the answers are easy, others are so tenuous you’ll find yourself going slightly mad. Thankfully you can buy hints with the ponts you’ve amassed. Try to reach level 275 with over 1000 coins or without using any coins.
DOWNLOAD: 4 Pics 1 Word

Fruit Slash

Make the most of the super-sensitive screen on your Nokia Lumia 520 with this game of fruit-based slice and dice. Fruit is thrown up onto our screen and you must slice it as cleanly and quickly as possible, while all the time eluding the bombs and other pitfalls that come in your way. Cut mulitple fruits with a single slash for powerups and extra points.
DOWNLOAD: Fruit Slash


AE Jewels is a simple but exciting game. Sure, it offers nothing new, simply match three or more jewels in a row to blow the jewels away and amass a wealth of powerups and points. Once oyu meet the required point level you go on to the next level.

Flow Free

This has to be one of the simplest yet most addictive games we’ve seen in a long time. Gone are the fancy graphics, the need for a back story, simply connect the matching colours to create a continuous flow. Pair all colours, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. Sure it sounds easy but you may find not is all that it seems with this game.


If you fancy donning the green tights and reliving the days of Robin Hood then Archer is the game for you. Pull your bow down, aim the arrow at the target by moving your hand on the screen, take off your finger to shot the arrow and away you go. The more you hit the target the longer you’ll get to shoot.

Got a favourite game for your Nokia Lumia 520?

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