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Nokia Lumia 520: How to set up and manage WiFi on Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne May 21, 2013

Nokia Lumia 520: How to set up and manage WiFi on Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne May 21, 2013

nokia-lumia-520-wifi-setup-01It’s hard to believe the Nokia Lumia 520 is a budget Windows Phone 8 smartphone as it packs in a host of connectivity, making it easy to enjoy the fastest wireless network speeds wherever you go. Setting up and managing your WiFi networks on the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone is easy, here we show you how to.

If you’ve just bought a Nokia Lumia 520 then you’ll already know that while it costs less than £100 (inc. VAT), it offers the full Windows Phone 8 and Nokia Lumia experience. So, along with running Nokia Music, HERE Maps and HERE Drive you’ll also be able to get the latest updates and stay in touch via the built-in WiFi connection.

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To access WiFi networks on your Nokia Lumia 520, just swipe to the left on the Windows Phone Start screen and then swipe down and tap on Settings.


From there, you can then look down the list and tap on the option labelled WiFi. To activate the WiFi, or to switch it off when you’re in a region with no connectivity (so to save battery life), just swipe your finger across the WiFi Networking switch.

Once the WiFi has been switched on, you can then connect to a network. A list of all the available WiFi networks in the area will appear and all you need do is tap on the one you want to join.

If your WiFi network is secured, which it always should be to prevent unauthorised access, you will need to enter your network key. Using the Windows Phone onscreen keyboard, carefully enter the key, making sure to enter all characters in the correct case, where applicable.

Once you’ve got connected to your main home WiFi network, it will then be added to your Windows Phone’s list of Known Networks. This means your Nokia Lumia 520 will then automatically connect to it next time you’re in range, making it quick and easy to get connected when you’re back at home.

If you ever need to manage your list of Known Networks, say to add a new network or delete an existing connection, this is easy to do on your Nokia Lumia 520. If you’re already on the WiFi page then all you need do is tap the Advanced icon and you’ll see a list of all of your current networks listed.


Next, you can either tap the Add button to add a new network to the list, or you can tap the Select button, then tap the checkbox next to the network you want to remove and then tap the Delete button to clear it from your Known Networks list.

Making the most of the WiFo connection on your Nokia Lumia 520 is incredibly easy to do but it’s an essential tool to use. For example, we tend to turn WiFi off when we’re travelling to help save on battery life, so knowing how to switch it on and off is an essential tip.

Got any WiFi queries about your Nokia Lumia 520? Drop us a note below and hopefully we can help.

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