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The Weather Channel Vs Which is the best weather app for Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne May 31, 2013

The Weather Channel Vs Which is the best weather app for Windows Phone 8

Published by Mike Browne May 31, 2013

weather-apps-01We love to talk about the weather here in the UK and with the ever growing range of Windows Phone 8 weather apps, we’re more informed than ever but which is the best one? We’ve put The Weather Channel and through their paces, check out which is the best weather app for Windows Phone 8.

Thinking of slapped a weather app on your Nokia Lumia to help you make the most of the barmy British summer time? Here we take a look at two of the top apps, both with exclusive Nokia Lumia versions, to see which one is better at helping you stay ahead of the storm clouds and in the sunny spells.

The Weather Channel


The Weather Channel is perhaps the first weather app you think of when choosing one for your Nokia Lumia. After all, it’s an exclusive app that comes with some great added features.

The core of the app is the main display, which gives you a nice at-a-glance overview of the weather right now, as well as forecast for the next couple of days ahead. You can tap on Forecast Details at the bottom of the page and great far greater detail. Starting with an hourly forecast of the next three days worth of weather.

Swipe to your left and you’ll get an overview of the next three days, while swiping again and you can check out the 10 day long-term forecast.

We really like the layout and the way The Weather Channel displays its information. Its concise and informative without weighing you down with too much detail.

The app offers exclusive features to Nokia Lumia users, such as Weather AR, which allows you to see the weather in a new way, while My Friends’ Weather means you can out the weather for those closest to you – perfect for when you’re planning a visit.

In truth, we’ve found we seldom stray away from the core weather features of The Weather Channel for Windows Phone but it’s nice to have the additional features to tap into.

DOWNLOAD: The Weather Channel


It’s easy to see from the get-go that AccuWeather has the edge over The Weather Channel as you can have it setup to tell you the weather on your Lockscreen. When you open the app there is a a similar layout, with the top half of the page giving you a quick snapshot of what the weather is like now, while below this you can find out more detailed information, such as wind direction, speed and even the humidity and cloud cover at the present time.

This is all great information if you need a detailed approach but can be a little over-powering. Swipe to your left and you’ll get the forecast page. This covers 10 days for you to scroll through with an overview of what to expect.

You can tap on any date and it takes you through to a more advanced forecast page with a breakdown for the day and night and expected conditions.

It seems odd that should you swipe again you’ll get the hourly breakdown for the current day. We’d have preferred these two to be switched. However, where does come into its own is with the More section, as you’ll find a breakdown of what the weather outlook is for various activities, such as Bicycling, Golf and even Star Gazing.

DOWNLOAD: AccuWeather

The Weather Channel Vs Conclusion

We like, it’s a nicely rounded weather app that gives you plenty of options and we like that you can have it on your Lockscreen. Where it falls down is in its layout, it’s simply not as well thought through as The Weather Channel app, which seems less cluttered and fussy.

For this reason, we’ve found ourselves using The Weather Channel app more as you can simply glance, check the forecast and leave the app, which unless you’re a serious weather buff is what most people will want from such an app.

Agree, disagree? Got your own favourite weather app on your Nokia Lumia? Let us know your thoughts, we’d love for you to share them with us.

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