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Nokia Lumia 520: How to set up parental controls

Published by Jon Mundy June 13, 2013

Nokia Lumia 520: How to set up parental controls

Published by Jon Mundy June 13, 2013

Nokia-ParentalThe Nokia Lumia 520 is the kind of affordable, rugged, capable and cool device that will appeal to kids. With such a powerful device, though, how do you keep your kids away from unsuitable apps and games? By following our advice on parental controls, that’s how.

It’s easy to see why you and your kids would look to the Nokia Lumia 520 as their next (and perhaps even first) smartphone. It has a bright, colourful design, an inviting and intuitive Windows Phone 8 interface, integrated social networking, speedy access to the 5-megapixel camera, and of course a whole heap of apps and games.

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But this flexibility, power and accessibility creates questions about how to keep your kids protected against unsuitable content.

Fortunately, the Windows Phone website has a feature called My Family which enables you to set restrictions on your kid’s Nokia Lumia 520 usage. Here’s how to use it.

Get started

Head to the My Family section of the Windows Phone website, sign in to your Microsoft account, and click Get Started. Note ┬áthat you don’t need to have a Windows Phone device of your own to set this up, just a Microsoft account, which is free to sign up for.

Add a child

Now you’ll be prompted to add your child’s Microsoft account details to your own to give you control over their access. Sign in and they’ll be added.

From the main My Family page, next to the child’s name, click on Fix it and accept the Windows Phone terms of use. Now the child can download apps from the Windows Phone Store.

If you want the child to be able to download Xbox games, you’ll also need to navigate to the Xbox website and sign in using your child’s Xbox Live account details, and accept the terms and conditions there.

Add a parent

If the other parent wants to be able to control the child’s access, you can also Add a parent from the My Family home page. Don’t worry – parents won’t be able to change each other’s settings!

Manage app and game downloads

Now you can decide whether to allow your child to download apps and games for their Nokia Lumia 520, and you can also limit which types of apps and games they can access.

To do so, go into My Family on the Windows Phone website (it’s in the drop-down device menu) and click the Change settings option next to your child’s name. Under App + game downloads you can opt to Allow free and paid apps or just Allow free only – the latter of which will prevent any in-app purchases.

You can also choose Don’t allow if you want to block off all app and game downloads.

Turn on game rating filter

If you want to limit the games your child can download to a rating equal to their maturity, turn on the Game rating filter, then select the Change rating option.

If you’re happy to allow your child to play unrated games (which may contain some content you’d rather they didn’t see), click the checkbox next to Allow unrated games.

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