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Top 10 free Photo apps for Nokia Lumia 520

Published by Mike Browne June 24, 2013

Top 10 free Photo apps for Nokia Lumia 520

Published by Mike Browne June 24, 2013

nokia-lumia-520-free-photo-appsThe Nokia Lumia 520 is the budget member of the Nokia Lumia family but it delivers a great Windows Phone 8 performance. Here we take a look at the op 10 free Photo apps for Nokia Lumia 520.

The Nokia Lumia 520 comes with a 4-inch screen that acts as a fantastic viewfinder for use with the 5-Megapixel camera. With Windows Phone 8 you can add “lens’ that allow you to add a wide array of features and effects to your photos. Here we take a look at what we think are the essential photos apps for your Nokia Lumia 520 – best of all, they are all free.

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First we take a look at those apps exclusive to the Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8 that will run on the Nokia Lumia 520, before checking out the other apps you wish to add to make photos truly come to life on your Nokia Lumia 520.

Creative Studio

An exclusive app for Nokia Lumia smartphones. Creative Studio allows you to make more of your photos taken on the Nokia Lumia 520. Load the app and you can swipe through a series of filters, pick the one you like, tap and it’ll be converted. This latest version also adds a host of editing tools, such as Colour Pop, Collage, Focus Object and tilt shift.
DOWNLOAD: Creative Studio



An exclusive app for Nokia Lumia smartphones. Cinemagraph isn’t so much a photo-editing tool but a magical blend of photo and movie-like animations. Take a photo and the helpful on-screen assistance lets you easily select the animated area of your picture to create your very own Cinemagraph. This latest release gives you even more control over your cinemagraphs, with options to edit the length, loop type and speed. Plus, there are also filter effects you can add, like silver, sepia or black and white.
DOWNLOAD: Cinemagraph



An exclusive app for Nokia Lumia smartphones. Get the biggest picture possible with this easy to use app. Simply take your pictures and the app automatically stitches them into a picture perfect view. When you’re done, share your Panorama directly with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
DOWNLOAD: Panorama


Smart Shoot

An exclusive app for Nokia Lumia smartphones. Smart Shoot lets you take your pictures your way. It shoots five frames for each picture. What’s more, you pick your favourite of the five and then remove any people or objects, ensuring you get the picture you want. When you’re done, share your pictures directly with friends on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.
DOWNLOAD: Smart Shoot



An exclusive app for Nokia Lumia smartphones. PhotoBeamer is a new, innovative and easy way to show your pictures on any screen. Just point your Nokia Lumia at any screen displaying and you can enjoy your photos anywhere with family and friends. It’s a mobile projector that’s available anytime, anywhere.
DOWNLOAD: PhotoBeamer



Camera360 for WP8 features a unique Compass Tool inspired by the SLR, and offers the best Special Effects, Real-Time Preview, and Smart Photo Editing options available on the market today. Staying true to its “Less is More” mentality, Camera360 for WP8 brings you a simple yet powerful mobile camera experience.
DOWNLOAD: Camera360



Photosynth for Windows Phone is a great panorama app from the labs at Microsoft. It allows you to do more than simply up and down, or across shots, as you can capture full 360 degrees, that allows you to make a perfect “sphere” on your Nokia Lumia 520.
DOWNLOAD: Photosynth



Blink is another app from Microsoft and has been designed to allow you to never miss a shot on your Nokia Lumia running Windows Phone 8. Blink captures a burst of images before you even press the shutter, and continues to capture pictures after you’ve taken your shot. Save and share the shot you like best.


Photo Studio

If you’re looking for a straight photo editor on your Nokia Lumia 520 then this great app allows you to add various visual effects to any picture. Each effect applied to the picture is chosen from a list of available effects. Multiple effects can be applied to single photo, Photo Studio will remember effects history and you will be able to navigate to previously added effect using back button.
DOWNLOAD: Photo Studio



LazyLens is not like other photo apps, it lets you select from the 23 customisable presets, or mix and match colours, textures, lighting effects, vignettes and frames to create your own. Along with LazyLens’ presets, you can also enjoy a set of standard adjustments including brightness, contrast and saturation, crop and tilt-shift.

Got a favourite photo app for your Nokia Lumia 520? Let us know in the Comments below.

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