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Best cinema apps for Windows Phone 8 on your Nokia Lumia

Published by Mike Browne July 05, 2013

Best cinema apps for Windows Phone 8 on your Nokia Lumia

Published by Mike Browne July 05, 2013

nokia-lumia-windows-phone-8-cinema-appsWhether you own a budget Nokia Lumia 620, high-end Nokia Lumia 925 or have a rival Windows Phone 8 from the likes of Samsung or HTC, we’re betting you love movies and going to the cinema for a great nigh out. With the launch of the recent Cineworld for Windows Phone 8 here in the UK, We thought we’d check out the most recent cinema apps.

According to figures released by the CEA (Cinema Exhibitors’ Association) 2012 was a great year for cinema here in the UK, with over 170 million tickets sold – that’s an average of over 14 million cinema goers every month.

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With that many people going to the cinema, chances are you’ve been to a multiplex in the last 12 months to check out a movie or two. With Cineworld launching its new app for Windows Phone 8 we thought we’d offer a quick round-up of the best movie apps for your Nokia Lumia.

Nokia TrailersNokia Trailers

Nokia Trailers is an exclusive app for Nokia Lumia smartphones. If you’re a movie buff and want to know the latest movies that are showing in your area, as well as check out trailers, celeb information and everything else to do with going to the cinema then you need Nokia Trailers on your Nokia Lumia.

You can watch trailers either by downloading and watching them later or streaming them directly. What’s more, with the Live Tile you can get updates about the latest trailers directly to your Start Screen.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Trailers



The Cineword app provides the latest film listings for various Cineworld cinemas around the UK and Ireland. All cinema and film listing info is provided by Cineworld, while all the film data is provided by TMDB. It’s worth bearing in mind that Cineworld do not allow direct purchase of Tickets. Even their own official apps on iOS and Android do not have that feature. However, where the Windows Phone 8 version has the edge is that you’re kept in-app for all the information, as the rival platform versions simply push you to the Cineworld website.
DOWNLOAD: Cineworld


EE FilmEE Film

If you can’t get to the cinema but still want to watch the latest movies, then how about checking out the free EE Film app. It lets you play films you’ve rented from EE Film while you’re on the go.  4GEE customers can also get 2-for-1 cinema vouchers on a Wednesday, check what’s on at your local cinema and watch trailers.


Movies TrackerMovies Tracker

Movies Tracker will help you to keep track of the movies you’ve seen, the ones you would like to see and if you liked them or not! Movies Tracker makes use of The Movies Database, one of the biggest movie databases in the world, to help you keep tabs on the movies you’ve seen, as well as those you want to see.
DOWNLOAD: Movies Tracker


The Movie AppThe Movie App

The Movie App does exactly what its name suggests, giving you access to everything you need to know about the latest films on your smartphone. From new releases and upcoming films, to the latest DVD’s, you are certain to find something to watch. You can watch trailers, share movies, view posters, read reviews, find similar movies as well as view the full cast and crew information. You can rate movies you’ve seen and even add movies to your profile that you want to check out and watch.
DOWNLOAD: The Movie App



IMDb has to be the best known online resource for all your movie-lovin’ needs and is thought to be the world’s largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity information. It covers actor profiles, film synopses, poster art, movie trailers – you can even check out your local cinema film times! It’s all served up through an interface that really makes the most of Windows Phone 8 and looks great whether you have a budget Nokia Lumia 520 or the latest Nokia Lumia 925.


Film ClosetFilm Closet

If you fancy trying something a little different, then the Film Closet has over 120,000 movies listed and growing. It is a full movie database where the user can find information about any film in an easy, quick and intuitive way.
DOWNLOAD: Film Closet

Got a favourite cinema app for your Nokia Lumia smartphone? Let us know in the Comments below.

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