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Top 25 exclusive and free apps for your Nokia Lumia 1020

Published by Mike Browne October 16, 2013

Top 25 exclusive and free apps for your Nokia Lumia 1020

Published by Mike Browne October 16, 2013

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is the brand spanking new smartphone in the Windows Phone 8 range that comes with a sharp 4.5-inch AMOLED display and a stunning 41-Megapixel PureView camera. Here we look at the top 25 exclusive Nokia Lumia apps you won’t find on any other range of phones.

There are now over 175,000 apps on the Windows Phone Store and more being added all the time. Nokia offers more apps than just about anyone else on the store and is aggressively adding more to the Nokia Collection each day.

Top 100 Free Windows Phone 8 apps for Nokia Lumia

Many of the Nokia Lumia apps you’ll find on your Nokia Lumia 1020 are exclusive to Nokia, which means you won’t be able to download them onto a Samsung or HTC Windows Phone. What’s more, apps like Nokia Pro Camera are exclusive to the PureView range of Nokia Lumia smartphones.

Nokia Pro Camera

Nokia Pro CamNokia Pro Camera takes truly stunning photos, and is perfect for anyone who wants more out of their camera. The camera works great in auto-mode, yet has easy access to reframing where you can rotate, scale and change the aspect ratio of your pictures. And when you want to create that perfect composition, go to the manual controls to change exposure, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and focus.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Pro Camera


Nokia Smart Camera

Nokia Smart CamNokia Smart Camera shoots a sequence of photos, making it easier to capture great moments. Either choose your Best Shot or combine the photos into one picture using these amazing features Motion Focus, which adds blur to emphasise motion, Action Shot which adds a strobe effect to show action, Remove Moving Objects which removes unwanted objects and Change Faces which choose the best faces for great group shots. Apply an effect right away, or save the sequence to edit it later. When you’re done, share your pictures directly with friends.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Smart Camera


Nokia Glam Me

Nokia Glam MeNokia Glam Me is a self-portrait app using the front or main camera. One click of the camera button takes your picture, automatically enhanced and ready to be shared. You can also make manual adjustments to facial details and apply cool artistic effects. Nokia Glam Me is a fun, easy-to-use app for taking great self-portraits.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Glam Me


Nokia Video Trimmer

Nokia Video TrimmerNokia Video Trimmer requires the Lumia Amber software update. Shorten videos shot on your Nokia Lumia quickly and easily. Simply drag the slider to the start and end points then use the step controls to adjust the selection to the second. When you’re done, save the video to your phone or upload and share it over WiFi or a mobile data connection, but be sure to check your network operator’s data charges first.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Video Trimmer


Nokia Video Upload

Nokia Video UploadNokia Video Upload helps you to share your videos quickly and easily with your friends, and works for all videos shot on Nokia Lumia phones with Windows Phone 8. Simply select the video in the Photos app and share, or upload after capturing and trimming with the Nokia Video Trimmer through share option. Share your video over WiFi or a mobile data connection, but be sure to check your network operator’s data charges first.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Video Upload


HERE City Lens

HERE City LensHERE City Lens gives you an entirely new way to reveal what’s around you. Simply hold up your Nokia Lumia 1020 as though taking a photo, and the app overlays the best shops, restaurants, and points of interest right on your display. Tap a place icon to call ahead or get more information such as hours, reviews, and directions. You can even save a place for later or share it with friends.


Nokia App Social

App SocialApp Social BETA offers an exciting way to discover great apps exclusively for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 device. Browse a wide array of curated collections, create your own app lists, have the community follow your collections, and rise to the top of the leaderboard!

Nokia Maps

MapsNokia Maps is now the core application used by Windows Phone 8 as part of its Windows Phone Maps, using Nokia’s geocoding, traffic information and calculated routes. However, you will find that Nokia Maps has its own look and feel and a deeper level of user interaction, such as POI, making it the best mapping experience out there.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Maps

Nokia Transit

TransitNokia Transit, previously known as Nokia Transport, combines your local public transport options – bus, train, underground – in one simple app. One tap shows you all the different types of transit lines near you. Currently it works in 550 cities worldwide and is being expanded upon all the time.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Transit


HERE Drive+

NokiaDrive+HERE Drive offers true offline, turn-by-turn voice guided navigation. Just download the map for your country and HERE Drive will get you there without a data connection. The new My Commute feature helps you choose the best route to the places you drive to everyday so arriving late for work will be a thing of the past.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Here Drive+

Nokia JobLens

JobLensIf you’re looking for a new job, or even kick starting your career, JobLens helps you see jobs all around you through augmented reality. It lands those jobs through some of the biggest, most respected brands in career services. Powered by Indeed, Linkedin, Here Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live, (UK only), Payscale (UK only) and other best-in-class content partners, the app enables you to discover new job opportunities in both the physical world and through your social networks.

Nokia RingTone Maker

RingtoneOne of the frustrations with Windows Phone 8 has been the ability to quickly add your own stamp with personalised ringtones. With Ringtone Maker you can create ringtones from the music on your phone. Simply open the app, select your favourite song and save it as a ringtone. You can cut your ringtone anyway you like, with editing controls that let you choose the start, end and length of your ringtone. There’s now support for more music file formats: WMA, M4A, M4R, and AAC along with MP3.
DOWNLOAD: Ringtone Maker


#2InstaWithLove#2InstaWithLove is a neat little app that app allows you to take a photo using the classic polaroid filter and automatically adds the hashtag #2InstaWithLove. What we like about this app is that Nokia constantly keep adding new filters to the mix, so the experience gets better and better.
DOWNLOAD: #2InstaWithLove

My Nokia

my_nokiaIf this is your first experience of Windows Phone then it helps to have someone guide you through what you need to know to hit the ground running, which is where My Nokia comes in. The app has been designed to help you get the most out of your new Nokia Lumia. Filled with useful tips and tutorials, and bringing you the latest news on great apps and fantastic accessories for your phone, My Nokia is where it all begins.

Nokia Xpress

Nokia XpressNokia Xpress is a great app for anyone who wants a fast web connection but it on a tight budget. It compresses web pages, meaning you can make data savings of up to 85 per cent, while faster browsing makes it ideal for anyone who’s pushed for time. And that’s not all. Nokia Xpress packs in a whole host of features, including a magazine that brings all your favourite articles together in one place, and the ability to save pages to read later, even if you’re not online.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Xpress


Play To

Play ToEnjoy your photos, videos and music on other web-enabled (DLNA) devices using Play To to connect over the same WiFi network. Discover devices you can connect to over WiFi using Play To, including smart TVs, Blu-ray players, PCs, tablets. You can’t currently connect to PS3 or stream media from the cloud with Play To. This latest version includes improved WiFi connectivity ensuring it continues working with future devices and firmware updates.


Nokia Trailers

TrailersNokia Trailers is the best free app for viewing teasers and trailers for new and upcoming movies. You can browse and discover new movies, stream or download for them for later viewing. You can pin the Live Tile to your Start screen so you’ll get the latest updates as they happen.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Trailers


Nokia Reading

ReadingEnjoy reading anywhere with Nokia Reading on your Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8. Download eBooks or import your own EPUB or PDF files from your SkyDrive account. Read internet news stories with the News stream and set up your own RSS streams from popular newspapers, magazines and blogs.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Reading


Nokia Music

MusicDiscover a world of music and local gigs with Nokia Music. With hours if online listening, choose mixes from the music experts, recommendations based on artists you love, or create your own playlists. Where it differs from other streaming services is that you can download and listen to msuic later offline.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Music



PanoramaGet the bigger picture with Nokia’s easy to use Panorama app. Simply take your pictures and the app automatically stitches them into one long image. When you’re done, share your Panoramic view with friends on Facebook or Twitter.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Panorama 


Creative Studio

CreativeMake more of your pictures with this quick and easy photo editor. Simply swipe through a series of editing tools and quickly adjust colour, balance, remove red eye and apply filters. When you’re done, share your image with friends on Facebook or Twitter.
DOWNLOAD: Nokia Creative Studio 



PhotoBeamerPhotoBeamer is a new, innovative way to show your pictures and photos on any screen. Just point your Nokia Lumia at any screen displaying the website and you can enjoy photos anywhere. Think of it as a mobile projector that’s available anytime. It’s so quick and simple to use, there is no login, no registration, simple install the app and point at the screen.
DOWNLOAD: PhotoBeamer



CinemagraphCinemagraph is a blend of photo and movie-like animation, creating pictures that seem almost alive. It’s one of those apps that you need to see in action to really get the idea, as it takes the basic notion of a GIF file to the next level. Helpful on-screen assistance lets you select the animated area of your picture and easily create a Cinemagraph.
DOWNLOAD: Cinemagraph


Transfer My Data

TransferTransfer My Data is a quick and easy way of copying contacts from your old phone to your new Nokia Lumia using Bluetooth. It copies all your contacts into the Windows Phone Hub, from where it’s easy to call, mail, chat or follow friends on your favourite social network.
DOWNLOAD: Transfer My Data


Accessory Shop

Accessory ShopWith Accessory Shop you can explore the latest accessories for your Nokia Lumia 1020, and purchase them securely from Browse accessories for your Nokia Lumia, from the latest wireless charging jackets and charging plates to the best in carry cases and batteries for the long haul. Stay informed about new products, price changes and deals on the latest compatible accessories. USA and UK currently supported.
DOWNLOAD: Accessory Shop

Got a favourite app on your Nokia Lumia 1020?

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