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CamScanner for Windows Phone 8 review on Nokia Lumia

Published by Mike Browne November 01, 2013

CamScanner for Windows Phone 8 review on Nokia Lumia

Published by Mike Browne November 01, 2013

CamScanner for Windows Phone 8 is the popular document scanning app announced at Nokia World 2013. Originally appearing on iPhone and Android smartphones, it’s yet more proof how popular Windows Phone 8 is becoming. Find out more with our CamScanner for Windows Phone 8 review on Nokia Lumia.

CamScanner for Windows Phone 8 is a great little app for those who find they need to scan, sync, edit, share and generally manage various items, such as bills, invoices, business cards, or odd notes you’d like to have a digital copy of.

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Before you can start using the app you’ll need to register, this can be done either via email or using the phone number on your Nokia Lumia.


After you have registered and logged in, you’ll find the app has an incredibly simple interface. You scan documents using the camera on your Nokia Lumia by focussing the viewfinder on the object and tapping the screen.

As with any scanning software, you can select the parameters of the scan using the framing tool. Once scanned you can rotate the image, or choose the size of scan area. You can further refine the image by pulling and stretching the four corners – once it’s been saved it will stretch the image out to a square.


When you’re happy with the size of the scan the next action allows you to refine the scan. The options on offer run across the top of the screen, offering, Original, Lighten, Magic Color, B&W and Grayscale.

On the bottom of the screen is an Adjust icon allowing you to change the contrast and brightness of the image using slider controls. You also have the option to extract text using OCR.


After you have finished with the scanned image, the storage and filing side of the app is also highly versatile. You can give the file a name and even add tags to help you keep track of your scans.

What’s more, as you’ve registered you’ll also find that documents are backed up online, so you can easily access them from your desktop PC or Mac , if needs be. It all mounts up to a highly intuitive and easy-to-use app.


We’ve been testing it out on our Nokia Lumia 625, which comes with a 5-Megapixel camera, to see how effective it is on a budget smartphone. We found it works smoothly, quickly and really well, so will be even more effective on high-end smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925.

We really like this app, it’s not something the average user is likely to use on a daily basis but it’s a great tool to have when you need to keep marry the paper world with your virtual one.

What’s more, integrates with InNote, which is a handwriting note taker featuring a natural digital ink.

CamScanner for Windows Phone 8 is a free 8MB download from the Windows Phone Store.

DOWNLOAD: CamScanner

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