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Nokia Lumia 625: How to sync photos and videos from your computer

Published by Jon Mundy November 05, 2013

Nokia Lumia 625: How to sync photos and videos from your computer

Published by Jon Mundy November 05, 2013

Lumia-625It’s easy share images and videos from your Nokia Lumia 625, thanks to an array of apps and cloud services. But what about those occasions where you just want to hook up to your computer and transfer a bunch of files? Here’s how to sync photos and videos from your computer to your Lumia 625.

With its large 4.7-inch display, LTE connectivity and SkyDrive integration, the Nokia Lumia 625 is great for pulling in and viewing photos and videos on the fly. But what about all those items  you’ve stored on your PC or Mac over the years?

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Don’t worry – despite the Nokia Lumia 625 with Windows Phone 8 being a forward-looking device, it’s still easy to hook your Nokia Lumia 625 up directly to your computer and pull across your media content. Here’s how.

Windows 7 and Windows 8

As you might expect, Microsoft’s more recent desktop operating systems and its latest mobile OS play very nicely together, which makes for a hassle-free image and video-syncing experience on your Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia Lumia 625. All you need to do is download the Windows Phone app for desktop to your computer and plug in your phone.

Next, go into the app and click on Photos. Ensuring that that the ‘Sync photos’ option is checked, and opt to ‘Include your videos’ if you so wish. Now you are free to select any of the media folders you wish to sync across, or you can just save yourself the fuss and tick the ‘Sync all photos’ check box. Now hit the Sync button, and you’re away!

Videos can be accessed separately from their own root menu on the Windows Phone app for desktop.

Windows Vista and Windows XP

Of course, many people are still using older versions of the Windows OS such as Vista and XP. If that’s you, don’t worry. It’s just as easy to sync your images and videos.

Just connect your Lumia 625 and start up the default File Explorer / Windows Explorer facility in the taskbar. Find your phone under ‘Computer’ and click on it, followed by ‘Phone.’ Now just right click on the files you want to sync and copy, then paste into your phone’s Pictures or Videos folder, or simply drag and drop them across.


Your Nokia Lumia 625 will play just as nicely with Apple’s premium computers. Just follow this link to download the Windows Phone app for Mac. Now open it and hook up your Nokia Lumia 625, and your phone should be recognised by the app. Now navigate to the ‘Photos & Videos’ tab and select which items you want to copy across, followed by the Sync button. Done!

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