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Top 10 new Windows Phone apps August 2014 on your Nokia Lumia

Published by Mike Browne August 29, 2014

Top 10 new Windows Phone apps August 2014 on your Nokia Lumia

Published by Mike Browne August 29, 2014

The Windows Phone Store now has more than 300,000 apps for you to download onto your Nokia Lumia, so whether you own the new Nokia Lumia 930, entry-level Lumia 635, or older Lumia 520 or Lumia 625 there are amazing apps to download and own. Here we check out our top 10 new Windows Phone apps for July August on Nokia Lumia – see what you think.

The Windows Phone Store is the fastest growing app store around right now. With more apps being added all the time, it can often be quite hard to find out which apps are the best. We like to focus on apps for the UK market but you’ll find that most are universally available.

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Fortunately, we’ve been keeping tabs on the latest releases and here we bring you what we think are the top 10 new Windows Phone apps for August 2014 .

Swarm (Free)

SwarmSwarm for Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia is a dedicated check-in app specifically designed to be the fastest way to keep up and meet up with your friends. So, gone are the badges, the chance to be the Mayor of your own fiefdom, in favour of Insights, a feature letting you know how many times you’ve checked into a location.


WindUp (Free)

WindUpWindUp for Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia allows you to create and share fun, temporary messages and media with friends using your smartphone. You can decide how long any message you send will last. In this way, you can have it expire after a set time, or even set a view limit of your choice. Set a low limit to “wind up” your friends as they race to see what you’ve posted, or set the limit high to make your message last longer.


SongBox (Free)

SongboxSongBox for Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia is a simple way to record your favourite line or part of a song and share it around the world. Connect with other people, comment or like their songs and give and get points by up-voting them.


ProShot (£1.49)

ProShotProShot for Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia isn’t a new app but it’s come in for a major update such as more resolution options for a variety of Lumia models, finer control to contrast and saturation sliders, an increase in max zoom to 7X, and many more bug fixes and improvements to UI and UX. This popular photo app puts DLSR functions right at your fingertips, making it ideal for anyone looking to take professional-looking photos on their Lumia.


Fantasy Premier League 14/15 (£1.29)

Fantasy Premier League 14:15Fantasy Premier League 14/15 for Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia is the official app for the Fantasy Premier league. If you fancy yourself as something of a football pundit and fancy your chances against the big leagues, select your starting team of 11 players, choose a captain, vice-captain and set the order of your substitute players. Then sit back and let the players get on with the glorious game.
DOWNLOAD: Fantasy Premier League 14/15


OneStart (Free)

OneStartOneStart for Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia is a Start Screen customisation app that lets you turn your Start Screen into a work of art using the background and transparent tiles. No two Start Screens will ever be the same with OneStart.


BBM (Free)

BBMBBM for Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia is BlackBerry’s instant messaging service and is used by some 85 million people around the world. With its arrival on the Windows Phone platform it’s a new adventure for the service as it helps connect more people than ever before. It started life as a Beta app but we’ve already seen it lose that moniker and is now a fully-fledged app.


Wakie (Free)

WakieWakie for Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia is an alarm app with a difference and truly puts the social into network. When you sign up to the service you can set an alarm time and you’ll be woken with a personal phone call from another member. Each call lasts 60 seconds, so no need to get into a long-lasting call making you late for work.


PayPal (Free)

PayPalPayPal for Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia has been around for ages but with this major new update you’ll find you can do even more with the app. Sure, the aim of the app is still to send and receive money with ease but the new interface, which makes the design much more streamlined, modern and generally easier to use.


Facetune (£1.99)

FacetuneFacetune for Windows Phone on Nokia Lumia is a neat little app for the selfie-generation who love to airbrush their portrait images as they go. You can brighten smiles, smooth out blemishes and even make yourself look a bit younger, sweeter and leaner if that’s what you need. There is a also a neat before and after split-screen effect so you can see how many changes you’ve made.
DOWNLOAD: Facetune


What has been your favourite new Windows Phone app for August 2014 on your Nokia Lumia? Let us know in the Comments below.

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