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Top 100 best new Windows Phone Games for Lumia 2015

Published by Mike Browne December 31, 2015

Top 100 best new Windows Phone Games for Lumia 2015

Published by Mike Browne December 31, 2015

If you love gaming on your Lumia you’ll know how many Windows Phone games are now alive and kicking on the Store. Here we take a look back over the last 12 months to bring you the best 100 games of the year.

Love playing the latest vibrant and fast-paced Windows Phone games on your Lumia? Or are you a little more sedate in your gaming preferences? No matter you’re style of play, Windows Phone gaming has gone from strength to strength.

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Over the course of the year we’ve been tracking the latest and greatest games to be added to the Windows Phone Store. If you missed them the first time around, then check them out now.

Equalicious (Free)

EqualiciousEqualicious for Windows Phone is a Maths puzzle game where you need to solve the problem in the least number of moves possible. You do this by arranging the tiles to solve simple equations. When you play the game you’re presented with a Maths puzzle in either a vertical or horizontal patter (or both for some of the tricker levels). By working through the puzzle in your head before committing to a move you’ll save lives.
DOWNLOAD: Equalicious


Fallout Pip-Boy (Free)

Fallout Pip-BoyFallout 4 has landed for the Xbox One and PC and if you’re looking to make the most of it with your Lumia too, then check out Fallout Pip-Boy for Windows Phone, it’s the personal information processor you’ve been waiting for.It allows you to check your Stats, Inventory, Map, Radio and even play the holotape games, including Atomic Command, all from the convenience of the app itself.
DOWNLOAD: Fallout Pip-Boy


Momonga (Free)

MomongaMomonga for Windows Phone is the latest creation from Game Troopers and as we’ve come to expect from this developer, always expect the unexpected. This time around it’s a pinball game without a conventional pinball gaming cabinet in sight. In this unique take on pinball you get to bounce through different worlds as a flying squirrel. On the way, you team up with friends to defeat enemies and conquer boss fights.


Loop Dots (Free)

Loop DotsLoop Dots for Windows Phone takes the idea of matching coloured circles and adds its own spin to it. Rather than just straight lines you need to think a little sharper, if you can link the dots you can do so. What’s more, if you can encircle another dot in a circle of the same colour you’ll get rewards a plenty. There are a wide variety of challenges built into the game, such as having to break glass walls, to popping balloons, as well as time challenges – making each level a game in and of itself.


Descendants (Free)

DescendantsDescendants for Windows Phone is the official game of the hit Disney Channel movie, where you get to create your own avatar, discover magical quests and unlock new locations to become a legend at the prestigious Auradon Prep school. The game allows you to go behind the scenes and explore the land of Auradon. You can do this by riding Ben’s scooter to travel between locations and uncovering iconic areas, such as the Tourney Field, Gallery of Villains, Carnival Grounds and many more.
DOWNLOAD: Descendants


Pirates of Everseas (Free)

Pirates of EverseasPirates of Everseas for Windows Phone is a God SIM game where the aim is to create a seafaring, swashbuckling empire and rule the waves! Across the course of the game you get to develop your pirate hideout into a wretched hive of scum and villainy, to use a well-worn phrase. Along the way you’ll need to construct ships, explore the open sea, and battle enemies all in the name of being Pirate King.
DOWNLOAD: Pirates of Everseas


Herobots (Free)

HerobotsHerobots for Windows Phone is a robot fighting game where you can pitch hand-built and unique robots in a wide range of styles – from Ninja, Zombie, Poseidon, Monk, Spartan and even a good-old Boxer – against each other in pugilistic bouts of fury. With over 30 unique Herobots to choose from, collect and customise, you’ll find that no two robots ever need be the same. You can swap out pretty much all the parts, from the head, chest, legs and even battling arms using parts and weapons you salvage from other robots.
DOWNLOAD: Herobots


Trucking 3D! Construction Delivery Simulator (Free)

Trucking-iconTrucking 3D! Construction Delivery Simulator for Windows Phone is a surprisingly technical driving game for your Lumia phone. You’re given a series of missions of escalating complexity, all of which require you to drive safely to a destination and stop your truck in the designated area. Once you’ve picked up your load, it’s on to the next checkpoint.
DOWNLOAD: Trucking 3D! Construction Delivery Simulator


Trivial Pursuit & Friends (Free)

Trivial-iconTrivial Pursuit & Friends for Windows Phone takes the classic boardgame and turns it into the perfect snack-sized mobile quiz experience. Here you’re answering a series of questions from a familiar spread of subject matters. However, there’s no board to traverse or dice to roll, and you only have a the clock to beat.
DOWNLOAD: Trivial Pursuit & Friends


Tom’s Jetski (Free)

Tom's JetskiTom’s Jetski for Windows Phone lets you choose your favourite ‘Talking’ character and hit the waves as you work through challenges and missions to take the top-spot in this endless-runner of a game. The controls are simple – you swipe from side-to-side – but getting to master the game is trickier than you may imagine, as there are plenty of obstacles in your way. From buoys and boats to sunken ships and rocks, dodge your way around them.
DOWNLOAD: Tom’s Jetski


Trivial Pursuit & Friends (Free)

Trivial Pursuit & FriendsTrivial Pursuit & Friends for Windows Phone is a great new take on a classic game. Take the world-famous quiz game with you and enjoy it anytime, anywhere and discover modern and social gameplay that lets you go head-to-head against friends… or make new ones.
DOWNLOAD: Trivial Pursuit & Friends


Runemals (Free)

RunemalsRunemals for Windows Phone is a classic turn-based Role Playing Game with puzzle elements that taps into the idea of such games as Pokemon as you’ll need to catch train and collect a wide range of creatures to play the game effectively. Explore an island full of adventures, defeat powerful enemies and acquire the loot and lead your team in battle, decide your strategy and manage your energy resources.
DOWNLOAD: Runemals


Bubble Pirates (Free)

Bubble PiratesBubble Pirates for Windows Phone is a bubble bobble game with a pirate twist. With well over 100 levels of gaming fun for free you can follow the treasure hunting storyline to defeat other pirates in the boss levels. See how far you can get along the treasure map.
DOWNLOAD: Bubble Pirates


Train Tunnel (Free)

Train TunnelTrain Tunnel for Windows Phone is an endless-running game with the star of the show being a train running through tunnels (if you hadn’t already guessed). Your job as the train runs along endless tracks is to move the obstacles for the train to pass smoothly. Avoid accidents and see how far you can get – doesn’t get much simpler than that – or so you make think!
DOWNLOAD: Train Tunnel


Doodle God: 8-bit Mania (£1.49)

Doodle God- 8-bit ManiaDoodle God: 8-bit Mania lets you re-live gaming in the 80s as the entire game has been beautifully redrawn in pixel graphics with an awesome new 8-bit soundtrack that takes you back to the very beginning of video games. In the game itself you’ll have to work your up from a simple microorganism to create animals, tools, storms and even build armies before you have what it takes to build the universe!
DOWNLOAD: Doodle God: 8-bit Mania


Nitro Nation Online (Free)

Nitro Nation OnlineNitro Nation Online  for Windows Phone allows you to race, mod and fine-tune dozens of licensed cars in this drag racing game that will turn your Lumia into a speed machine. The game offers a host of amazing cars in great detail, including Mercedes-Benz/AMG, Koenigsegg, Pagani, Jaguar and SSC all licensed and rendered in great style. Overall, we’ve been impressed with what the game has to offer – if you have a passion for cars that goes beyond simply racing them, then this is the game for you.
DOWNLOAD: Nitro Nation Online


Disney Dream Treats (Free)

Disney Dream TreatsDisney Dream Treats for Windows Phone is a great looking and fun game for the younger gamers out there. With over 100 levels of gaming fun to work your way through you’ll be able to match three or more sweet treats to make matches and serve guests the sweet treats they crave. The game itself differs from standard Match-3 fair by virtue of you’ll need to do more than go in straight lines. By bending your moves you can pick up and match more treats to win amazing bonuses.
DOWNLOAD: Disney Dream Treats


Candy Crush Soda Saga (Free)

Candy Crush Soda SagaCandy Crush Soda Saga for Windows Phone is the latest game from King developers who brought us the amazing Candy Crush Saga. This time around join Kimmy on her journey to find Tiffi. You do this by switching and matching your way through hundreds of new levels, as well as make the most of the new modes of play. What’s great about this game is that you can easily sync Candy Crush Soda Saga between your Lumia smartphone and Surface tablet devices and unlock the full game features when connected to the internet.
DOWNLOAD: Candy Crush Soda Saga


Pic Star (Free)

Pic StarFrom the same publisher as Slots Pro (Rolling Donut Apps), Pic Star takes the fun to a new level with five cool picture games in a single app. Use each picture to figure out the missing word in categories like Animals, Food and Travel. Each game mode has its own set of rules, and hundreds of free levels mean the play can on and on and on. Then, earn coins to unlock packs and hints to help you solve even more puzzles.


Sago Mini Friends (Free)

Sago miniPlaytime is a great time for kids to learn about empathy and sharing, and Sago Mini Friends makes it creative and fun for the whole family. Each playdate with your mini-friends brings silly surprises and reactions, and kids can make up stories to go with the action they see. Take a walk to a friend’s house, help Robin fix a birdhouse, play dress-up with Jinja the cat or enjoy a snack with Harvey the dog. With five friends and nearly a dozen activities kids can relate to, there’s a lot to explore!
DOWNLOAD: Sago Mini Friends


The Last Door: Collector’s Edition (£2.29)

Last-doorHaunting music. Cool, 8-bit graphics. Spooky, special fun. As you move a young man, Jeremiah Devitt, through different locations and situations, combine objects and solve puzzles to keep him advancing. What’s he after? The dark secret of his past, and the whereabouts of a childhood friend. There are stumpers along the way, for sure, but the answers are mostly within reach and the journey is an, engaging, intriguing challenge.
DOWNLOAD: The Last Door: Collector’s Edition


Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Rush (Free)

Strawberry Shortcake- Berry RushStrawberry Shortcake: Berry Rush for Windows Phone on your Lumia is an endless running game where Strawberry and her friends want to bake fruitilicious cakes, but they need your help! Run, slide and leap through the wonderful world of Berry Bitty City and grab all the strawberries, cherries, oranges and other yummy fruit you can find!
DOWNLOAD: Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Rush


Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (Free)

Family Guy- The Quest for StuffFamily Guy: The Quest for Stuff for Windows Phone on your Lumia is a free game where you get to play Peter Griffin from the hit TV show and help save the city of Qhahog, which you’ve accidentally destroyed. Set out and complete missions to win experience and reclaim the city and collect other characters as you play this fun game written by the shows writers.
DOWNLOAD: Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff


Gunhouse (Free)

GunhouseGunhouse for Windows Phone on your Lumia is a free puzzle/active tower defence game that is ideal for gamers looking for something a little different. You need to prepare your defensive guns by swiping and matching blocks for combos within a certain time and then launch bullets and special attacks at your enemies. The art style is eye-catching and colourful, the gameplay is fun and addictive.
DOWNLOAD: Gunhouse


Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution (Free)

Top Gear- Stunt School RevolutionTop Gear: Stunt School Revolution for Windows Phone on your Lumia is a free game where you get to tap into your inner Clarkson (Or May, or Hammond depending on how you feel). With incredible visuals, loads of outrageous cars, iconic world locations, endless and mostly ridiculous customisations and truly unbelievable stunts, it’s everything you’d expect from the Top Gear team.
DOWNLOAD: Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution


Snowboard Party (£1.49)

Snowboard PartySnowboard Party for Windows Phone brings the thrill of snowboarding to your Lumia. Get ready to ride down the slopes at extreme speed and catch some big air to perform the craziest tricks in 15 completely unique adrenaline-filled locations. Jump on your board, learn new moves and improve your snowboarding skills to land combos and rack high scores – just remember not to lick the pole of the ski-lift on the way back up!
DOWNLOAD: Snowboard Party


Drop Hunt (Free)

Drop HuntDrop Hunt for Windows Phone on your Lumia is a free puzzle game where you help Dr.Dunno to collect all drops of his unique miraculous elixir with the aim of saving a little girl. While that may sound easy, in practise you’ll find it tougher than you think, making for a tricky but fun game to play.


Dragon Mania Legends (Free)

Dragon Mania LegendsDragon Mania Legends for Windows Phone is a strategy game that lets you raise and train legendary dragons before you take them into battle to reclaim a lost kingdom of Dragolandia. Breed cute baby hatchlings, raise them into powerful warriors to fight off the Vikings. In the course of the game you have access to over 100 species of dragon to discover and train, all in the name of becoming the ultimate Dragon Lord.
DOWNLOAD: Dragon Mania Legends


Goblins! Problems! (Free)

Goblins! Problems!Goblins! Problems! for Windows Phone on your Lumia is a free role-playing game with quite a simple concept: prove you are the best Goblin fighter there is! With great 3D graphics and some pretty neat tricks, fight against the hordes of wicked Goblins and build your skills and your standing to take over the leader board.
DOWNLOAD: Goblins! Problems!


Final Warlord (Free)

Final WarlordFinal Warlord for Windows Phone on your Lumia is a free role-playing games mixed with Simulation strategy game. Players take on the roles of castellans, leading armed forces, winning battles and finding treasure to accumulate experience, gold, and various other resources. In the strategy portion, players upgrade Buildings and collect resources. While it brings nothing new to the genre it’s a fun game that looks great.
DOWNLOAD: Final Warlord


Strung Along (Free)

Strung AlongStrung Along for Windows Phone on your Lumia is a free game that lets you control a wooden string puppet step by step, literally. Avoid obstacles by walking, jumping and grabbing onto things. The game features a wide array of different acts with platforming, balancing and timing puzzles. There is also the endless mode to perfect and practice your moves and stay upright as long as possible.
DOWNLOAD: Strung Along


Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops (Free)

Tiny Troopers 2- Special OpsIn Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops for Windows Phone you get to test your mettle and lead your troopers to victory in three thrilling special operations! The game has the same heart and mind spirit of the original but with Xbox Live support (you can earn 20 in-game XBOX achievements) from the get-go, this is a gung-ho game that lets you take on a host of missions, from taking out a check-point to jumping on a Humvee and manning the .50 Cal turret-gun as your driver makes his way through the enemy infested territories.
DOWNLOAD: Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops


Stick Cricket Premier League (Free)

Stick Cricket Premier LeagueStick Cricket Premier League has proven a huge success on rival smartphone platforms and it’s arrival on Windows Phone is a sign of continued confidence in the platform for gamers. Playing the game is incredibly easy. Wait until the bowler has launched his attack and then decide to play to the left or the right. Timing is all important, as delivering the right stroke can easily make all the difference between being struck out or hitting it into the stands for a six!
DOWNLOAD: Stick Cricket Premier League


Pods to Riches (£1.89)

Pods to RichesPods to Riches for Windows Phone is a survival shooter game that is set in a place where no safe haven exists! Space! Riding in your M1K4N [Mark 2], armed with a variety of weapons ranging from missiles to laser guns, you will be facing horde of aliens. With a great mix of old-style gaming and some very modern flourishes this game has so much to offer from repeated playing.
DOWNLOAD: Pods to Riches


Pencil Obstacle (Free)

Pencil ObstaclePencil Obstacle for Windows Phone is a fun game for younger players where you enter the wonderful world of erasers, cutters, pencils and pens with a chubby eraser pal.Tap to push the eraser in between the obstacles and see how far you can go! Avoid the obstacles to see how far you can go – the further the better in this endless-runner of a game.
DOWNLOAD: Pencil Obstacle


Dino the Beast: Dinosaur Game (£1.49)

Dino the Beast- Dinosaur GameDino the Beast: Dinosaur Game for Windows Phone is an endless-running game that allows you to inhabit the body of a dinosaur from the Jurassic period. Scarred as a child, Dino seeks vengeance. He wants to hunt down the cruel tyrannosaur who killed his mother. To win you have to complete all the levels, collect food and develop Dino’s capabilities by overcoming obstacles, run, fight enemies, win and earn points!
DOWNLOAD: Dino the Beast: Dinosaur Game


Bird Climb (Free)

Bird ClimbBird Climb for Windows Phone is a simple one touch Arcade game that is impossible to put down. Challenge your friends to play this fun and addictive game and beat their score. In a world where Flappy Bird changed the meaning of a simple game, Bird Climb takes what made that so fun to play and adds a vertical challenge to the proceedings. Do you have what it takes to get the bird to the dizzying heights?
DOWNLOAD: Bird Climb


Storm Rush (£1.49)

Storm RushStorm Rush for Windows Phone is a relentless test of speed, skill and concentration, as well as a mixture of fast paced, adrenaline fuelled game play and unique visuals. Move left and right to avoid the glowing towers. Or Hit one and watch as the world explodes spectacularly. Its incredibly easy to play but additively difficult to master.
DOWNLOAD: Storm Rush


What If.. (Free)

What if..What if.. for Windows Phone is a quiz game with a very simple premise but with some startling revelations along the way. From quite trivial topics, such as questions about Star Wars to obvious fart gags, to some quite revealing and personal questions, such as ‘would you have a $100 bill always in your pocket if you know someone on the other side of the world will die’ opens up some moral dilemmas.


Cow Evolution (Free)

Cow EvolutionCow Evolution for Windows Phone is a fun and decidedly odd little game where you find out what happens to an ordinary cattle when mutations start taking place. Drag and drop similar cows to evolve them into new and more profitable creatures. There are four different stages and many forms of cows: monster cows, alpaca cows, alien cows and more.
DOWNLOAD: Cow Evolution


Abyss (£2.29)

f44d24cd-ed5d-4789-913e-655b1bd5ab38Abyss for Windows Phone is a great strategy game where the human race is in danger of extinction due to resources being limited. Your mission is to find “Gaia” energy stones by exploring the depths, by controlling the Nep2no bio-mechanical robot. To do this you’ll need to counteract gravity and the surrounding darkness with the aid of a Light that is slowly running out of power.


Fairy Tale Mysteries 2 (Free)

Fairy Tale Mysteries 2Fairy Tale Mysteries 2 for Windows Phone is a mystery adventure where you play the hero. Delve into a wonderful fantasy adventure game inspired by the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales! Find your way to the magic land in the clouds and vanquish the last of the giants before he destroys the world. The game is free to download and try but you will need to buy the full game in order to finish the adventure.
DOWNLOAD: Fairy Tale Mysteries 2


Spider-Man: Ultimate Power (Free)

Spider-Man- Ultimate PowerSpider-Man: Ultimate Power for Windows Phone is an amazing new arcade runner pitching Peter Parker, everyones favourite webs slinger, against a staggering array of enemies, from The Green Goblin, Sandman, and even Venom. They have teamed up and kidnapped Mary Jane! Fight and web-sling your way through the iconic rooftops and streets of Manhattan to save her… and New York!
DOWNLOAD: Spider-Man: Ultimate Power


March of Empires (Free)

March of EmpiresMarch of Empires for Windows Phone is a strategy game where you take on the role of king and must fortify and defend your kingdom from all-comers. Fortify your castle, fuel a massive army, and enter the ultimate fight for realm domination! But as your empire expands it’s bound to run into other ambitious lords, and only one emperor can dominate! The game play is ambitious and not for the casual gamer as you’ll need to love micro-management to truly get the best from this action game. There are in-app purchases that can be made.
DOWNLOAD: March of Empires


Ice Age Avalanche (Free)

Ice Age AvalancheIce Age Avalanche for Windows Phone lest you join Sid, Manny and Diego on an epic Ice Age journey in search of a long-forgotten treasure in this brand-new puzzle adventure. Slide fruit in any direction as you race to reach the treasure and compete against your favourite characters. Challenge your friends to match-3 “”snowdowns”” and rule the leaderboard! Explore new lands including the Prehistoric Jungle, vast Grasslands and gargantuan Glacier.
DOWNLOAD: Ice Age Avalanche


Dynamite Fishing World Games (Free)

Dynamite Fishing World GamesDynamite Fishing World Games for Windows Phone is a fishing game that puts a new spin on the idea of ‘extreme fishing’. This is due in large part to the choice of fishing tackle – from dynamite to guns, bombs and other types of explosives. Choose your favourite characters and boats, explore the most daring scenarios and catch as many fish as you can.
DOWNLOAD: Dynamite Fishing World Games


Twins Minigame (Free)

Twins MinigameTwins Minigame for Windows Phone is a great new puzzle game where you been to bounce and dive between two opposing world. Jump over deadly spikes, gather pleasant coins and drive your amazing twin between contrary gravities in this beautiful and minimalist geometrical arcade. Free to play with additional in-app purchases, which can be disabled, this is a simple looking but addictive game.
DOWNLOAD: Twins Minigame


Talking Ginger 2 (Free)

Talking Ginger 2Talking Ginger 2 for Windows Phone is the cute little kitten growing up and wanting to celebrate his birthday. Join him for the best party ever – with awesome food and loads of games! Yes, you’re invited to hang out with the most adorable kitten in the world! With fun puzzles and mini-games, kids of all ages will like what’s on offer. The game is free but parents should be aware that in-app purchases are possible.
DOWNLOAD: Talking Ginger 2


Inside Out Thought Bubbles (Free)

Inside Out Thought BubblesInside Out Thought Bubbles for Windows Phone is from the creators of Frozen Free Fall and Where’s My Water?. Disney Mobile Games brings you this one-of-a-kind bubble-shooter based on the newest Disney Pixar film, Inside Out! Challenge yourself and overcome obstacles by shooting and matching, unlocking characters as you explore 125 levels and unleashing power-ups unique to each Emotion.
DOWNLOAD: Inside Out Thought Bubbles


Running Circles (Free)

Running CirclesRunning Circles for Windows Phone looks like a simple game to play due to its rather linear graphics but we have to admit we’re hooked. Your goal is to move from Circle to Circle taping the screen at just the right time. You can move both inside and outside the Circles so collect gems and avoid dangers but it’s so much harder than it seems – but in a super-fun way!
DOWNLOAD: Running Circles


Lara Croft GO (£3.89)

lara-croft-goLara Croft GO for Windows Phone brings everyones favourite tomb-raider to Lumia in an exciting new turn-based puzzle experience set in a long-forgotten world. The game delivers gorgeous visuals, a mesmerising soundtrack and challenging gameplay, all at your fingertips. This time around she’s up against the myth of the Queen of Venom in what has to be one of the most visually appealing games on Windows Phone in a long time.


Top Gear: Extreme Parking (Free)

Top Gear- Extreme ParkingTop Gear: Extreme Parking for Windows Phone is a brand new game based on the hit BBC TV show. It comes with a range of cars featured in the show, from the Indestructible Pickup, the ‘Reasonably Priced Car’, to Jezza’s Italian ‘Polizia’ Coupe and even James’ ‘Rozzers’ Saloon. Put yourself behind the wheel of some of the show’s most iconic cars and complete the driving obstacle courses on your Lumia.
DOWNLOAD: Top Gear: Extreme Parking


World Cricket Championship 2 (Free)

World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2 for Windows Phone is the next generation in cricket gaming on the go. The realistic ball physics responds to the pitch, while players can make the most of 18 different teams and you can play the maximum number of cricket shots including the famous Dil-scoop, the Helicopter shot and the Upper-Cut! If you love playing cricket then you’ll love playing this game.
DOWNLOAD: World Cricket Championship 2


Order & Chaos 2 (Free)

Order & Chaos 2Order & Chaos 2: Redemption for Windows Phone is the follow-up to arguably one of the biggest and most enjoyable multiplayer RPG games for mobile yet. With a brand new story, amazing graphics and customisable characters, this is one game you need on your Lumia. It  allows you to explore an amazing fantasy world, take on hundreds of quests as you unravel a thrilling story and battle the biggest and most challenging monsters and Bosses yet.
DOWNLOAD: Order & Chaos 2


Running Shadow (Free)

Running ShadowRunning Shadow for Windows Phone is a striking looking game that combines endless-running and a great fantasy RPG setting. The game has some pretty simple game mechanics, as with all endless-running games you’re pretty much limited to swiping from left to right. However, the gameplay is enriched with a mythical plot full of secrets and intrigue.
DOWNLOAD: Running Shadow


LINE CubeHeroes (Free)

LINE CubeHeroesLINE CubeHeroes for Windows Phone is a puzzle game that is exclusive for Windows Phone users to impress your friends with. This match-three style game is a bit like a Rubik’s Cube where you need to rotate cubes vertically or horizontally in order to match up three or more cubes. The game has Stage Mode and Battle Mode, and you can challenge friends via LINE or Facebook.


Dumb Ways to Die 2 (Free)

Dumb Ways to Die 2Dumb Ways to Die 2 for Windows Phone offers up a whole new set of dumb characters that have gathered to take part in a newer, bigger game. Guide these characters through 36 action packed mini-games and try to stay alive long enough to get the highest score and unlock all your favourite characters.
DOWNLOAD: Dumb Ways to Die 2


Skypath (Free)

SkypathSkypath for Windows Phone has to be the most baffling game we’ve played this month as you need to jump from ground to ground and master new challenges as you go along. Getting the skills together can be pretty tricky, especially when you reach new sections you need to overcome the most difficult parts. Unlock new areas while you progress and the game continues to unfold. Simple it may look, but be warned, it’s equal parts tricky and addictive.


Drift Mania Championship 2 (£1.49)

Drift Mania Championship 2Drift Mania Championship 2 for Windows Phone is a driving game with some pretty amazing graphics and gameplay. Try out the free Lite version or get stuck right in with this fast and furious version. Start a drift career, compete in a drift battle tournament or play against a friend using the new online multiplayer mode. Challenge drivers from all over the world using the global leaderboards.
DOWNLOAD: Drift Mania Championship 2


Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles (Free)

Jigty Jigsaw PuzzlesJigty Jigsaw Puzzles for Windows Phone provides an unbeatable puzzle solving experience for puzzle lovers of all ages. Jigty’s unique design means no two pieces are the same shape, for the most challenging puzzle experience yet.
DOWNLOAD: Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles


Kingdoms Charge (Free)

Kingdoms ChargeKingdoms Charge for Windows Phone is a free RPG game for your Lumia. Lead a team of Heroes through a journey to explore a fantasy world filled with forgotten magic and ancient technology. With hand-drawn art and a great set of controls, this is a fun and exciting way to defeat an ancient evil and discover hidden treasures.
DOWNLOAD: Kingdoms Charge


0h n0 (Free)

o0 n0The unusually named 0h n0 (yes, those are zeroes rather than O’s) is a companion app to the similarly titled 0h n1. It’s a similar breed of minimalistic logic game that throws in elements of Minesweeper and Sudoku. It’s all about figuring out where the coloured dots go in a grid using numerical and colour-based deduction.



94 Degrees (Free)

94 degreesThis bright casual brain teaser provides a neat twist on the quiz genre.  You pick out visual answers to simple questions from multiple options, and the game then tells you how ‘warm’ you are. It’s an original way of giving you multiple tries to answer its questions, so it always proves entertaining even when you don’t know the answer.

DOWNLOAD: 94 Degrees


Ragdoll CATch (Free)

RagdollThis sequel to Ragdoll Run sees you, as the nimble ninja Dart, catching falling cats (see, it wasn’t a typo) and avoiding hazardous obstacles. The game features intuitive touch and swipe controls, colourful graphics, and competitive online high score-based gameplay.



Microsoft Bingo (Free)

BingoMicrosoft’s own slick take on the popular number-calling game is an unexpected treat. Forget those cheesy Bingo ads on TV – Microsoft Bingo features globe-trotting locales, Xbox Live achievements, and a compelling risk-reward system. It works with 512MB devices, too.

DOWNLOAD: Microsoft Bingo


Incredible Circus Remix (Free)

Incredible CircusIncredible Circus Remix is a follow-up to a cult classic game from an old Nokia game from way back – and it’s just as maddeningly addictive as ever. Once again, you take control of Pierre, the human cannonball, as he slingshots and bounces around each hazard-strewn level. Avoid hungry lions, fire eaters, knife throwers, electric traps, fire rings, and score the perfect landing.

DOWNLOAD: Incredible Circus Remix


Evolve: Hunters Quest (Free)

EvolveEvolve is a new multiplayer asynchronous first person shooter that’s been the talk of the town on home consoles just recently. This mobile tie-in wisely doesn’t attempt to emulate the main game’s ambitious gameplay, but rather turns in a solid match-three puzzler with a combative edge. Launch attacks on monsters by forming lines of coloured blocks, and level up your character across both games.

DOWNLOAD: Evolve: Hunters Quest


Mash&Co (Free)

MashThis one’s for those with little ones. Mash&Co is a charming interactive multimedia app that will keep kids amused on long journeys or in cafes. It comes from the AppCampus initiative, which sees Microsoft working with Aalto University to make Windows Phone apps, so you know it’s of a decent standard and genuinely educational. You can even monitor how your kid’s skills are improving within the app.



Grim Legends 2 (Free)

Grim LegendsArtifex Mundi is pretty much the king of hidden object games on Windows Phone 8.1, and Grim Legends 2 is its latest polished effort. Once again, it’s all about testing your powers of observation on a series of beautifully drawn, highly detailed static scenes. These are all set in a magical fairytale world of mysterious ruins and enchanted woods.

DOWNLOAD: Grim Legends 2


Dwelp (£1.49)

DwelpA stylishly understated puzzler that has you linking same-coloured dots on simple grids. The beauty of the 100 puzzles provided here is that each has multiple solutions – it’s up to you to find the most efficient of those. The app has been out for a while now, but the latest update brings a bonus mode that adds a whole new mode of play.



Bubble Blast Marbles (Free)

Bubble BlastMagma Mobile’s latest is a take on the classic Zuma style of play. This involves a snaking line of coloured baubles, with your job being to fire more coloured baubles into the pack to match up three or more. It’s a classic set-up, and it works here with Bubble Blast Marbles’s colourful, simplified art style.

DOWNLOAD: Bubble Blast Marbles 


Darklings (£0.79p)

DarklingsA thoroughly charming and original casual game where you must fend off attacks from gloopy monsters by sketching out the appropriate shape on the screen. This fresh concept is complemented by sharp controls, a challenging difficulty level, and a cute black and white art style.

DOWNLOAD: Darklings

Smash Cops Heat (Free)

Smash CopsSmash Cops Heat is styled after those thrilling real-life cop chases you see on American TV, with a familiar helicopter-view perspective and plenty of tire-screeching automotive destruction. Use your finger to push your car around, ramming suspects into submission.

DOWNLOAD: Smash Cops Heat


Crimsonland (£5.99)

CrimsonlandCrimsonland is a twin-stick area shooter that revels in the splatter stuff. Thousands of enemies converge on your position, and it’s your job to survive for as long as possible using an impressive arsenal of firearms. If mayhem’s your think, check it out!

DOWNLOAD: Crimsonland


Future Factory (Free)

Future FactoryThis attractive action game is a roguelike twin-stick shooter, which means that you shoot the stuffing out of waves of enemies in randomly generated levels. It’s got excellent 3D graphics (low memory support is coming) and an extensive upgrade system.

DOWNLOAD: Future Factory


Bubble Pirates (Free)

BubbleBubble Pirates follows the bubble-pinging template laid forth by Bust-A-Move (or Puzzle Bobble, depending on where you’re from) – you fire coloured bubbles up into an existing stack, matching three-of-a-kind to make them disappear. Bubble Pirates freshens things up by adding a couple of neat twists to that solid core formula.

DOWNLOAD: Bubble Pirates


Toy Defense (Free)

Toy DefenseThe popular Toy Defense comes to Windows Phone. It’s a classic tower defence game with (as you might have guessed) a toy theme. In this case there’s also a World War I flavour, complete with blimps, heavy artillery, and other historically accurate units.

DOWNLOAD: Toy Defense


Dungeon Hunter 5 (Free)

Dungeon Hunter 5The latest version of Gameloft’s popular fantasy hack and slash series is here. Dungeon Hunter 5 brings more epic 3D action to Windows Phone, with beautiful console-standard graphics (no low memory devices here), coop multiplayer, and gear crafting.

DOWNLOAD: Dungeon Hunter 5


Glozzle (Free)

GlozzleIf you find that puzzle games are stuck in two dimensions, give Glozzle a spin. It’s an ambitious 3D puzzler that tasks you with putting together scrambled images. Boasting more than 3,000 images, this one will last you a fair old while too.



Cinderella Free Fall (Free)

CinderellaPerfect for younger gamers, Cinderella Free Fall ties in with Disney’s new live action film. It’s a familiar match-three puzzler, but with twinkly graphics and a story that adheres to that of the movie.

DOWNLOAD: Cinderella Free Fall


Dog Up (Free)

Dog UpThis endless runner has a charming art style and premise – you’re Dora the dog, flying along in your hot air balloon, collecting bones and avoiding floating bombs. It’s all pretty silly, but it looks lovely and plays a treat too.



Halo: Spartan Strike (£4.59)

HaloLet’s start with the biggie. Halo is one of the biggest game series on console, and this new take on Microsoft’s shooter series transplants the action to mobile beautifully. It’s the follow-up to Halo: Spartan Assault, and it provides an even slicker set of bite-sized twin-stick shooter levels for Master Chief to blast through.

DOWNLOAD: Halo: Spartan Strike


Threes! (Free)

ThreesOne of the most popular and critically lauded mobile puzzlers of recent years is now on Windows Phone – and it’s as addictive as ever. Threes! has you shifting numbered tiles in a grid from side to side. When they match, they combine, and their value doubles. These higher value cards then need to be matched again, and so on. Just try putting it down.



Hitman GO (£3.89)

HitmanHitman GO is one of the best mobile strategy games around. It’s based on the console series of in-depth stealth action games, but the developer has here turned the concept into a beautiful turn-based strategy game, with the distinctive visual style of a real physical boardgame. A true mobile masterpiece in a month that’s brought more than one to Windows Phone.



Cut the Rope 2 (Free)

Cut ropeWhile we’re running through genre bests, let’s discuss one of the finest casual physics puzzlers on mobile, Cut the Rope. Yep, ZeptoLab’s ace sequel arrived on Windows Phone in April, and it’s even better than the original. Guide pieces of candy into Om Nom’s mouth by swinging, floating, rolling, and teleporting. You also get helpful secondary characters with unique powers this time around.

DOWNLOAD: Cut the Rope 2


Dead Trigger 2 (Free)

Dead TriggerWe’re not finished with the brilliant releases just yet. Anyone who tells you that you can’t make a first person shooter work on a mobile phone, show them Dead Trigger 2. Not only is it s true technical showcase for the more advanced Lumia phones, it also plays a treat, with mobile-friendly shooting gallery-like stages and slick touchscreen controls.

DOWNLOAD: Dead Trigger 2


The Bridge (£1.89)

The BridgeThe Bridge is an unexpected delight – a conversion of a much-loved but almost-forgotten indie gem. This clever logic puzzler combines solid physics with M.C. Escher-like reality-warping conundrums. You must manipulate gravity to twist levels upside down and back again – and it’s all rendered in a beautiful hand-drawn black-and-white style.

DOWNLOAD: The Bridge


Overkill 3 (Free)

OverkillAs if you hadn’t had enough bombastic 3D shooting thrills with Dead Trigger 2, here’s Overkill to completely fry your brain. This time the action is third person, but it’s no less slick or cinematic for it. Featuring console-quality graphics, relentless shoot-’em-up gameplay, and plenty of weapon customisation, it’s the gaming equivalent of an ’80s action movie marathon.

DOWNLOAD: Overkill 3


Trolls vs Vikings (Free)

TrollsIf the name and the graphics look a little familiar, that’s because Trolls vs Vikings blatantly lifts its concept and approach to Plants vs Zombies. It’s a highly competent ‘tribute,’ though, with well executed lane-based tower defence action and some lovely cartoony visuals. Naturally, the simple switch to trolls and vikings creates some interesting new tactical options, too.

DOWNLOAD: Trolls vs Vikings


Smash Champs (Free)

Smash ChampsThe latest effort from the developer behind Subway Surfers takes a very different tack. This time you’re training a team of champs for unarmed combat. You do this through an entertaining Fruit Ninja-like action game, swiping to hit balls at your anthropomorphised animal fighter. Then it’s on to the battle arena for tense one-on-one scraps.

DOWNLOAD: Smash Champs


Smash Bandits Racing (Free)

Smash BanditsMore smashing, this time initiated from behind the wheel of a car. This follow-up to the splendid Smash Cops puts you in the shoes of a criminal on the run from the law, smashing through anything that gets in your way. It’s relentlessly destructive, but there’s respite in the form of new boat and tanks sections, which change the pace and style of play nicely.

DOWNLOAD: Smash Bandits Racing


Snake Rewind (Free)

SnakeThose of a certain pre-smartphone age will remember playing the game of Snake on their Nokia feature phones. Snake Rewind is a 2015 revamp of Snake from the man who created it, Taneli Armanto. It’s got that familiar winding collect-’em-up gameplay, but with modern twists like the ability to rewind when things go wrong, greater variety, and cool neon-soaked graphics.

DOWNLOAD: Snake Rewind


Monster GO! (Free)

monsterThis colourful, polished endless runner from Game Troopers is a timed Windows Phone exclusive. While you’re basically running from left to right with your cute character, dodging hazards and collecting coins, there are three slightly different ways to play according to which character you choose – blasting, bashing, and slashing. There’s also a hefty personalisation and levelling system at play here.



New Star Soccer (Free)

New StarWe’re really happy to see New Star Soccer appearing on Windows Phone, because it’s been a massive hit on other platforms. It’s a curious mix of footy management and swipe-based casual action. You must guide the career of a single young player, levelling up stats, training, and managing transfers. Come game time, you must take control during key moments, making telling passes, launching shots, and taking free kicks.

DOWNLOAD: New Star Soccer


Tiltagon (Free)

TiltTiltagon belongs to that emerging type of game that seems to delight in your misery. That’s not to say that it’s rubbish – far from it. But it is bloomin’ difficult. Tilt your Lumia to roll a ball across precariously small hexagonal platforms. It’s got a brilliantly crisp, minimalist art style, and there’s a nice electronica soundtrack to help stave off those rage attacks as you fall off the edge for the hundredth time.

DOWNLOAD: Tiltagon


Prime World: Defenders (Free)

Prime WorldIs it possible to have too many tower defence games? We don’t think so, especially when they’re as well done as Prime World: Defenders. This fantasy-themed strategy game brings stunning 3D graphics to the table, as well as an intriguing card-collecting twist that sets it apart from the also-rans. Essentially, though, you’re still building towers to fend off waves of enemy attacks – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

DOWNLOAD: Prime World: Defenders


Leo’s Fortune (£3.89)

LeoThe award-winning 2D platformer comes to Windows Phone, and it’s as appealing as ever. The main appeal of Leo’s Fortune is its graphics. They’re absolutely stunning, with a detailed hand-crafted feel that practically pops off the screen. It’s not just a pretty face either, with tight platformer action and well-judged physics-based puzzles. Download Leo’s Fortune and escape to a better, prettier place for a few minutes.

DOWNLOAD: Leo’s Fortune


Beast Quest (Free)

BeastBeast Quest is an ambitious open world adventure, the likes of which you more commonly see on console. It’s a third person action game that sees you embarking on fetch quests and battling enemies. Exploration is a surprisingly streamlined process, while the battles get their own swipe-based section of the game. Naturally, you get to level your hero up and tweak his load out. If you want a little more from your mobile games, give it a whirl.

DOWNLOAD: Beast Quest


Roboto (Free)

RObotoIf you like a little more old-school control from your 2D platformers than the average endless runner can provide, Roboto is a great choice. It’s a beautiful action game starring a cute robot, and it features some classic jumping and shooting action – as well as a healthy dose of brain-warping gravity-based shenanigans. Again, the graphics are something rather special, like a Saturday morning cartoon come to life. Well worth a look.



Catapult King (79p)

CatapultThe best way to describe Catapult King is Angry Birds in 3D. The idea is the same – bombard precariously stacked structures by pinging stuff at them. The key difference is you’re zoomed in close behind the catapult, so you get a first person view of the mayhem. There’s an added visceral thrill thanks to the perspective shift, and the graphics are sharp and appealing.

DOWNLOAD: Catapult King


Alien Hive (Free)

Alien HiveAlien Hive is the kind of game that match three connoisseurs will lap up – provided they’re game for a challenge. Here you’re swiping lines of alien lifeforms with a view to matching them up and evolving them into ever higher forms… which then need to be matched in kind. The escalating demands make this a significantly trickier proposition than most games of this kind. Still, Alien Hive’s lovely, soft graphics should lessen the blow.

DOWNLOAD: Alien Hive

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